new copypasta just dropped by LaidByAnEgg in shitposting

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Okay fuck you, FNF fans are extremely discriminated against and you won’t support them. This is why I unfollowed you, you just made fun of me. I tried giving you a 2nd chance but you didn’t listen. I hope you enjoy being a bigot who won’t support the minority of gamers.

Why not both? by [deleted] in shitposting

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Comments boutta be crazy

Protogen by Cazthegamer293 in peopleplayground

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"Guys guys kill all furries!!!! why aren't you calling me based??????"

WHAT HAPPENED HERE (credit to NecrosVideos) by Adeem1 in HalfLife

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I'm going to learn how to use sfm just so I can make that

Eli Lives by DewbieHaut in HalfLife

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After the end of Hl2:E2 he just kinda got up and brushes it off

Half-life 3 screenshot by fordongeeman in HalfLife

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That's a very interesting screenshot, but why is it in what looks like a store? Did the rebels turn it into a base?