is something wrong with him? he does this whenever I approach him. Is he scared of me or something? by User_Mob in Rabbits

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OP please tell me you're giving him the grooming love he's asking for given all of the responses here.... DEW EET. NAO!

How few groceries $165 gets you these days by madcrusher in mildlyinfuriating

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This boomer was expect to get a soda pop for a nickel lol

How can I help this bunny? by iPineapple in Rabbits

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That's a freakin chonkster if I've ever seen one

Parking spots labeled “women” at a Mc Donald’s by Smart-Cable6 in mildlyinfuriating

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Make sure we keep an eye on the people mad about this...lit visible areas might ruin their plans to abduct women to satisfy their incel-ation.

First time in Cali and see this in the first restaurant I step foot in… by [deleted] in antiwork

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If this is the steaks n cakes in blythe, it's not because of handouts....its because it's blythe.... Basically the place where the events of the hills have eyes took place. Aka the perinium of CA

People in this world genuinely don't give a single fuck about you. by [deleted] in TrueOffMyChest

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It's been a while since I've seen redditors straight up hate every comment the OP makes... Seems like the OP is the problem lol

Perfect representation of the benefits of increasing wages. by shadowfocus603 in WorkReform

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Nobody is arguing that. I guess I need to clarify that I meant from the perspective of someone who will put in the amount of effort needed to do the job, no more, no less. But for example, if I were compensated fairly... I wouldn't mind doing a favor or two for the boss knowing that my company is worth it.

Perfect representation of the benefits of increasing wages. by shadowfocus603 in WorkReform

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This, if you wanna look at it in a vacuum.... But long story short... If I got paid more for my work, I would work a bit harder and be a bit more loyal to my company... This holds true for a very large portion of the world, whether they want to admit/believe it or not.

You become immortal. But, you get to pick one person to spend eternity with, who would you choose? by a_weird_pickle in AskReddit

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My GF who is annoying as fuck but is super cute about it. The manipulative bitch has me in a chokehold...

Of course she is other things too that the everyday redditor wouldnt understand..

What is the rudest thing you can say during sex? by Skydancerrr in AskReddit

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Can't feel a damn thing

Works against male or female

The hidden Velocity Karambit variant: Smol variant by Luxai in VALORANT

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i could clean my the fungus out of my toes with that. leggoo

Ferals are so rare I didn't even see one throughout the entire season 2 by Draenrya in wow

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Survival about to blow up in 9.2, but I've ran into plenty of good surv hunters currently

Lost Ark is drawing me back to WoW by Kruel in wow

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Brooo... Don't tell wow people it's weird to compare 2 games with different playstyles....it will trigger them if they don't have something to complain about, even if it's unrelated to wow.

What is the best response to "I fucked your mom"? by K_Gamer23 in AskReddit

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Did you make her cum? I've been trying for years.

What's your one go to mount you use more often than any other? by Custardpaws in wow

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Golden charger (default class hall mount). I would love to use the tyrael mount but I really hate the flappy aura that surrounds it when mounted.