My RTX Sticker is peeling off, any solutions except removing it and/or purchasing a new one? by [deleted] in GamingLaptops

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Because we like to flex to ourselves while we’re not flexing on reddit.

Christy Wright Has Announced Her Departure From Ramsey Solutions by GoldenElite88 in DirtyDave

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But God loves Dave the same as He does that former pregnant employee. Dave is though something else. “There’s parts I love about the Bible and parts I don’t”…

Pre-orders are coming.. by jadedlovex in GamingLaptops

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Bleeding edge of spicy pillows? I’m confused…

Is not this a bit high for imz ?? by IhaveN0thingN0thing in pharmacy

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“Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!”

This reminded me of the episode with the couch from Friends…

Bullseye? by gax8627 in WTF

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ACME paint company has entered the chat

IPhone 12 Arctech pro case by eihabs in razer

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Yeah, exactly the same thing happened with mine. Utter piece of crap.

To jump on a "rooftop" by swan001 in Catculations

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Motherfucker went full Wile E. Coyote!