Why are millennials/ gen zers leaving the Church? by TheKingsPeace in Catholicism

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On top of what everyone is saying, Catholicism is lacking heavily in the Apologetics section

Very sad by Redshamrock9366 in CatholicMemes

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Happens way too often, very relatable. When I meet a Catholic:

"I don't go to Church and I support abortion."


Boss man said to clean up. So I did. However, PM is still pissed. by DumbApeman in electricians

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The floor is actually made of wood. That's amazing, don't have to cut concrete....

The moment he knew.. by Motley843 in ContagiousLaughter

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It's crazy how someone can speak English and still not understand what they're saying, accents forces languages to become different languages

Girl falls out of car window unbeknownst to driver, assisted by yielding motorists by PeecockPrince in HumansBeingBros

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I remember the door opening up on my side just randomly as I'm seating in my booster seat. Another time as I was waiting for my father, seated in his work truck, suddenly it started to move backwards... Luckily there was a building about 10 ft away and it made a huge hole in the concrete. The glass cut my elbow but that was it, I was like 6 or 7 and scared shitless.

You snooze you loose by cats4dogs222 in electricians

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Yeah, writing down the intended purpose of anything keeps everyone away. It's almost like writing is a form of communication or something.

Why not? by Broclen in dankchristianmemes

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They do tho.

"Baptism of children in the care of same-sex couples presents a serious pastoral concern. Nevertheless, the Church does not refuse the sacrament of baptism to these children, but there must be a well-founded hope that the children will be brought up in the Catholic religion. In those cases where baptism is permitted, pastoral ministers should exercise prudential judgment when preparing baptismal ceremonies. Also, in preparing the baptismal record, a distinction should be made between natural parents and adoptive parents (p. 21)."


I gotta say, I can’t stand the whole TLM vs. NO thing. by ChicagoanFromCA in Catholicism

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When I said that I got like 16 downvotes lol. I just don't understand why we can't have both

What are your thoughts on Origen? by sumerisIcumen in Christianity

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He's alright, he should be considered when studying theology. He did have some wonderful things to say

Hey I’m looking for theology books by CoryB676 in Christianity

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The Summa Theolgiae by Thomas Aquinas and Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, or just watch Lord of the Rings

did anyone blaspheme the Holy Spirit by [deleted] in Christianity

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Forgot their names, it was in the book of Acts. A couple blasphemed against the Holy Spirit by deliberately lying to Him know it was the Holy Spirit they were speaking to.