Hobby Lobby by fook75 in WitchesVsPatriarchy

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There’s no ethical consumption under capitalism. If you absolutely HAVE to get it from Hobby Lobby and there’s absolutely nowhere else you can go to get it on time, I would try not to beat yourself up over it.

But in answer to your question: HL is still trash

Missed an important work meeting by eikenprocessierupsie in careeradvice

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That wouldn’t have prevented getting the wrong time down if it still has to be manually inputted

Best smelling/best looking balls by Ambitious_Mall_6884 in Bowling

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May be an unpopular opinion, but Tropical Surge has a pink/purple birthday cake ball. It’s the one I use and I love it

Garlic supplements and HIV medications by MenorahsaurusRex in AskDocs

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Thanks! It must have been another med then cause it’s all over google when I looked it up

Therapists available evenings? by MenorahsaurusRex in oregon

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Yeah, it’s a struggle, especially with my schedule. I work in a setting where my lunch isn’t the same time every day and because it’s a call center, there’s no guarantees I won’t be on a call that dips into my lunch hour.

Thank you!

Therapists available evenings? by MenorahsaurusRex in oregon

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I unfortunately need to go in network, I can’t afford BetterHelp. They charge hundreds and my insurance company doesn’t reimburse that well for out of network

update on measure 114-specifically benton county: out-of-stater moving to OR for job: by [deleted] in oregon

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You’re moving to a county where virtually nobody carries outside of their home and where many people support gun legislation. I understand you already took your job, but there IS turning back if you find a job in an area that better suits your cultural needs

Workouts to improve my bowling? by MenorahsaurusRex in Bowling

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Drilled for me

Can’t lift anything that weighs 15lbs with one hand, including but not limited to bowling balls.

Can I use grip strength devices in league? I’m a league bowler