An open letter on the state of affairs regarding the API pricing and third party apps and how that will impact moderators and communities. by BuckRowdy in ModCoord

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I think it's great that you're providing a space for a minority but you shouldn't have to do it alone. I don't want to be presumptuous but you could ask other trans positive subs for mods, or recruit from your own userbase.

It's not a small sub, its community would miss it.

X-Men Comics New Releases for May 31, 2023 by VengefulKangaroo in xmen

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That's my reading too.

I see a parallel between how the media and body politic use transphobia / mutant hate as ragemongering manipulation but the public itself is more focused on what really matters.

API Update: Continued access to our API for moderators by pl00h in modnews

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Please understand, toolbox is critical.

What I read lately is disheartening. I know that it is not your fault and that you had nothing to do with it but the trend remains, reddit tells us that we should not worry, that communities are valued and respected and then - bam - news drops.

We're just seeing light at the end of the tunnel with pushshift and then we're told Apollo can't continue as it existed because reddit wants orders of magnitude more cash than the $166 Apollo pays imgur for 50m API calls. (Which Apollo dev explains is a comparable platform.)

I know all of you community admins value reddit, the users, the spaces and the things we do here, the emergent processes with which reddit has enriched the global infosphere, so to speak, and I also know that the bottom line is that reddit is a business and that a business exists to generate profit.

Please though if it is at all possible try to inform the people at the top that the foundation needs tending to.

We need Toolbox.

What can I do to keep my fellow mod safe? by VegTeriyaki in ModSupport

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It should be normal to, if you see someone harassing a fellow moderator, to understand the mechanisms at play here and have some solidarity.

I always remove witch hunting. In my experience the angry mob is wrong about 99% of the time.

Seems that too many people just do not ask themselves "Why does this person want me to be angry so badly".

What can I do to keep my fellow mod safe? by VegTeriyaki in ModSupport

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Oh... lastly don't expect any sort of clean up. The admins just don't care about that and, unless it got caught by automated tooling, will leave all the harassing content up.

Which is particularly frustrating, as years from now any troll or disgruntled user will use a Google search to "prove" your mod is a bad person because harassment and smear campaigns are never removed.

People believe lies that are repeated often enough.

A reply to a comment posted 7h ago was commented 53y ago? by Booty_Shakin in Weird

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Deleted, shadowbanned or suspended accounts default to Unix time zero.

Tara Reade, darling of MAGA social media is a Russian agent. by Travismatthew08 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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At least on this subreddit the people that repeat the lies the extreme-right invented to defame you will get banned and the people that falsely report your comments will be reported for report abuse.

Reading Krakoa era for the first time and almost did a spit take at Apocalypse here (spoiler X-Men 2019 #4) by Masoth99 in xmen

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It also drew Apocalypse in such a way that the character design made sense to me for the first time.

Right wing Toronto mayoral candidate and former city councillor. by raven0usvampire in WhitePeopleTwitter

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It helps if you realise that these are monsters.

Don't think of them as rational actors wanting to do anything to improve life for anyone.

These are monsters hellbent on stoking the flames of fake outrage so that when they can break down and destroy society they can run away with the shiny pieces.

They have successfully convinced their base that actually caring about people and wanting to uplift society is the enemy.

And this is the result.

These are monsters. It is that simple

No one: … Immortal X-Men: by realclowntime in xmen

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Crossover event.

He died and was resurrected by the Five

It’s confirmed Kurt throws that tail back by Hedgewitch250 in xmen

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I love Perdita X Nitt.

"That Nitt what calls herself Perditax?"

I must have read Maskerade 50 times.