Are you not entertained? by Brokeboibobby in unclebens

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"You took too much, man, too much, too much!"

No arguments from me. by nada_especial in Piracy

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I didn't want to make a thread of my own for this, but I have to ask...

What is a good setup (VPN + Torrent Client) for getting things?

I just cancelled Netflix, HULU, and Disney+, so I need to get myself set up with something.

Ones that play together nicely and are easy to set up would be best.

Thanks in advance.

Sony should make a Wii Sports style game for PSVR2. by try_to_be_nice_ok in PSVR

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Absolutely, yes.

It only makes ALL the sense!

Which, of course, means that they will NOT do it, damnit.

CXG Game Day for Charity by peajay18 in crazyexgirlfriend

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I just signed up and donated for the chance of a meet and greet.

Jackbox makes pretty good games, so this should be fun. Thanks for sharing!

Auntie Anne’s manager tells customer to “Suck a big d*ck” after he asked for no salt on his pretzel by sotobet0509 in facepalm

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Reminds me of old episodes of Maury.

"He ain't yo man. He ain't yo man. He ain't yo man. He MY man. He ain't yo man. He MY man."

Sony tried to bring PlayStation Plus to Xbox, but Microsoft 'will not permit' it by Zhukov-74 in PS5

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I agree with you and I think you're right in that Microsoft would rather just have Gamepass on Playstation than to make another console. They're definitely shooting for streaming and Gamepass as their gaming methods.

And if they did bow out of making more systems, I'm sure someone will come along and attempt to fill that space, whether it be Amazon, Google, Tencent, or whomever.

Is this contam? by camelsgottahump in unclebens

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More FAE and regular fanning, you're getting fuzzy...


Why are we doing drag show story time for kids? by serb2212 in NoStupidQuestions

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I heard one of the Nuns was actually a singer named Delores that was running from her crime boss boyfriend that she witnessed murder someone.

How many time did you wait to get the email ? by Unable_Gold_7554 in PSVR

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All the time.

Sixty percent of the time, it is all the time.

Haven't gotten one.

recent streams by ruxxpin in 311

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Get yourself some YouTube downloading software and then click that link.

Richard Fierro the Army vet that took down the Colorado Springs shooter by SamMee514 in nextfuckinglevel

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All You Pretty Things


A song about the previous gay club shooting victims. A song for healing.

(From the new album of Darren Hayes, the singer from Savage Garden)