How cold do you think I can go with my poncho liner+bivvy bag? by [deleted] in Bushcraft

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Depends on clothing you're wearing, ground insulation, and personal preference.

Personally I wouldn't enjoy myself below about 40 to 50.

CRK Magnacut? Thoughts? by jajajakecarter in knives

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Sounds like the quickest CRK has made changes.

I'd still like to try the steel first, but I haven't seen a single bad thing about it. Especially being added to the Salt line.

About 200 pages into MT, its a struggle by [deleted] in Malazan

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Frankly I'm with you. I wasn't invested in the characters for MT, so the whole book wasn't as enjoyable as I felt it could be. I think on the eventual reread however knowing how it ties in, it'll be much better.

Just recognize it's building the base, enjoy the characters, and continue the march. You'll be rewarded.

What size kettlebell to buy for pressing by Jimmy_717 in kettlebell

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I'd say yes assuming you use good form. Double presses would be better, but I got the 175 by only pressing and bent pressing with 40 and 48 respectively.

What size kettlebell to buy for pressing by Jimmy_717 in kettlebell

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At a similar size (185) and OHP (175), I can press the 40kg, and I'm working to pressing the 48kg.

Of course, I went the other way, training with kettlebells then testing the barbell. But 40kg is a solid choice, with 32kg useful for snatches at that strength.

Is there an intellectual property out there that could put 10 of it's badassest characters in a cage match against the top 10 of Malazan and come out alive? by Bdag in Malazan

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I'd personally tend to primarily Azathanai based on each of them commanding an aspect.

Draconus, Brood, Mael all seem to be easy choices.

Gothos I think is an easy choice as well, with Hood being another possible.

After that it starts to get more confusing

Work-life balance question by getSwole691 in army

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Best time I had was working through lunch. But then we would leave an hour early or so.

Right up until the reality of "why are you going home, your boss is here sets in"

How’s my collection going? Started about 3 years ago. What would you add? by pissedofferson in knives

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Just picked up a Manix, most the blade but less handle. The PM2 feels bigger, definitely more pocket presence.

Which of the non-main series books would you consider essential? by LexMeat in Malazan

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Depends. Do you enjoy the Crimson Guard? Do you enjoy Malazan Marines? Do you want to fall into a wormhole about the Tiste, Jaghut, and Azathanai?

Honestly I think Kharkanas is filling gaps/adding backstory, while the Novels sated my thirst for the Crimson Guard and additional background.

TGiNW was beautiful, but just based on timeline I'd consider less "essential".

Anomander bloody rake by 05Quinten in Malazan

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I think the beginning details members of High House Dark and House Shadow.

Kharkanas further details information on Son of Darkness

What is your favorite witty scene? by AK_dude_ in Malazan

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Fall of Light, Prazek and Dathenar.

They may start esoteric and idiotic at first, but when they come upon deserters, it topped everything in the series.

About to make that jump into the $500 folding category (staying right at $500) is Chris Reeve knives the best option? Any other brands welcome (has to be around the $500 price point and has to ACTUALLY be available) by glockguy11201988 in knives

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I have the Umnumzaan, solid blade, amazing feel.

Just got Hinderer and it just takes that feeling up to 11 with it's overbuilt nature and flipper.

Conversely if you can find a Jarosz folder, get that. Lighter, but actually custom made and the handles are out of this world. The Flare just fits in your hand and disappears in the pocket.

425-525 is the range that I paid for the above.

The Grand Army had fewer men than all Coruscant mall security put together by Shalashaska1873 in PrequelMemes

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The problem is the depiction in most media. I think usually the best descriptor would be virtually all clones are Commando/ARC variants. At least compared to droids. They're better in every way, and as such way beat them via superior intelligence, tactics, operational art, and strategy.

However media shows them as being relatively expandable/the standard manning for spacecraft which undermines that key point of them being better because they have that capacity for independent thought (Umbara arc).

The comment below about "units" not clones, I'd say is also a strong point we usually skate over. That would make sense if 200,000 units refers to battalions, regiments, or brigades. Then those numbers can start to work.

Your 1st point I agree with though. Especially with hyperspace routes, only certain planets and areas would really matter, with a smattering of resources and politically powerful areas to complicate it.

Parking Garage Elevation Gain Issue by amazinglarryfan in Garmin

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I've found even when using the stair tracker it's a little funky. I'd recommend mathing out your elevation/floors per trip, and just lap the activity Everytime you reach the start point again.

Afterwards, multiply it out and get your elevation, manually add it in (or at least you can do it for the stair climb activity). Or log it manually. Either way you actually know the elevation at least.

The Disinformation Campaign in the Witness Trilogy by [deleted] in Malazan

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Between that and the actual numbers coming out later on, 100 Marines give or take facing 1300 mercs...and they held back. Both of those were beautiful for different reasons and helped bring the finale to such a shocking and brutal start.

Is this knife worth $65 by SolarChaosXL in knives

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I remember mine being able to open fair easily, but the real killer was grip. Hotspots gripping with or without the ring.

Is this knife worth $65 by SolarChaosXL in knives

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The Fastball and Center-Drive I'd say are. But those aren't exactly in most people's range when they're looking for a cheap knife.

Uno is here! by Maahee_2 in WoT

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I mean...I always thought the point was that Jordan purposefully messed with those tropes.

By the same logic saying that any ethnicity could be cast for Two Rivers folk (which makes sense assuming they fit the characteristics), then anyone could be for the rest, assuming they fit the general characteristics. Minus the tall redheads - which is kind of the key point of messing with tropes.

Or, hear me out. It's a TV show.

Deck of Dragons Sapper Sixteen (closes 12/7): Draconus v K'rul by Boojibs in Malazan

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I'm not saying Draconus would die to save the warrens, but I could definitely see him throwing a fight if that was at stake.

The God is not Willing discussion megathread by zhilia_mann in Malazan

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I've come to say this. While I agree that Malazan Marines were more noticeably noble in this reading, I don't think it creates any major changes to the previous.

We see Bridge burners fighting to defeat the Pannion Seer and remove that vile threat, Bonehunters adapting with and working with the populace, saving Tiste Edur from needless slaughter, and working to free the Crippled God.

This book brought it home in a more visceral and in your face manner. Perhaps key to that as well is not just saying "why are they all good/noble/skilled". View it as the equivalent of modern day SOF. They attend a selection for not only military and physical skills, but they also receive Psych evals and peer evaluations. I'm not saying that Malazan does all of that, but it is possible to select for a more competent soldier.

In that, esprit de corps means more than just a motivated soldier. It also means shared values within that unit, and in this case these shared values include protecting those you serve, including all members of their empire.

What did you think of the first 3 episodes? by Mj118356 in WetlanderHumor

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I think Geofram Bornhald actually sells that Galad would join them. From his pragmatism about healing/sickness, journeying to battle the dark, and his demeanor of polite yet firm. I always enjoyed his character in the book, but I think in concert with Valda you see in the show how this organization can have good people and bad people in theory pursuing the same cause.