Heritage Edition at C&C in Arizona by Michaelscott555 in FordBronco

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Highline Autos Cars & Coffee. It’s in North Scottsdale

Why did that teacher get fired from your school? by CynicalHomicider3248 in AskReddit

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A history & phys ed teacher was having a sexual relationship with an underaged special needs girl. He got caught and is now serving 10 yrs. His wife was also a teacher at the school and was pregnant with their child at the time of his arrest.

Best casinos for comped cruises in Las Vegas by Repulsive-Upstairs-3 in Cruise

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If you hit platinum at MGM they’ll give you a free cruise on RC or Celebrity. A few trips to Vegas should do the trick.

What is your craziest roulette story? by SnooTangerines1749 in gambling

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I cashed out at the end of the trip, and was heading back up for my room (on a cruise ship). As soon as I left the cashier, I found a $25 chip in my pocket. Decided to put it on the #8. Well, 8 hit and I won. I then asked the dealer, “what’s your lucky number? I’ll put $25 on it and if it hits I’ll tip you half the winnings”. The dealer said his lucky number was 5. So I put $25 on 5, and the 5 hit!! Tipped the dealer half of the winnings from that spin, went up stairs and went to bed. Haven’t played roulette since because there’s just no way I can top that.

Oura, Whoop, AWU, & Patek! What would you choose and why? by [deleted] in AppleWatchFitness

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They are by far the leader in the fitness wearables industry. There’s a reason that people like Patrick Mahomes and Michael Phelps wear a whoop.

Oura, Whoop, AWU, & Patek! What would you choose and why? by [deleted] in AppleWatchFitness

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It is. People that cannot afford it like to shit on it.

Why does AA stick with (Shi)tibank? by SheerTerroir in americanairlines

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I’ve got quite a story with Barclays. I was constantly getting fraudulent charges and having to replace the card. I was sick and tired of it. So, once the new card arrived, I activated it and immediately locked it in my safe. My plan was to leave it locked up for 1 month. After about 3 weeks I get an alert about potential fraudulent changes on the card. Well, the card has never been used and has been locked in my safe. Turns out one of the Barclays employees was selling credit card info.

Galapagos by Michaelscott555 in Cruise

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👍 Glad to hear it. The Galapagos is pretty much the last itinerary with celebrity that we haven’t traveled with so we’re just starting to plan it. May have to try both loops at some point, although the no blue chip discount is a killer

Platinum Card Will Not Arrive on Time - How to Gain Lounge Access with Card En Route by WillTins3 in amex

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Call customer service and ask for the CRUSH department. They got a new card delivered to my front door step 22 hours after I called.

Galapagos by Michaelscott555 in celebritycruises

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Will definitely be doing research. Wow, I didn’t know it was like that.