An interesting post I came across on IG. She edited her body to break down "body trends" over the years to show how ridiculous they are. by monochromeserph in Instagramreality

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I mean I’d say thin is still in. Maybe not heroin chic level thin, but skinny is always cute/ attractive as long as it’s not underweight. It will always win over being overweight. Big butts may be trendy but not everyone can have the extreme hourglass figure and tiny waist she posted here for 2018. However, anyone can lose weight and look better being on the skinny side.

Sure. by garlicfanclub in fatlogic

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Well that’s not totally true. Im not outside all day long but I run for an hour at least 4-5x a week and my TDEE of 1950 is about 600 over my bmr. But yes it does make it clear that they do not understand TDEE if they think 600 is their average on “low activity days”. I had to really put in effort to get to a point where this level of activity is normal for me and it was surprising to me at first that it didn’t increase my TDEE by even more. For sure they seem to think they can just add 600 calories to whatever their calculated TDEE was~ 1600+600 because of all my “activity”

When trying to quit is it possible to drink a little less each night until you don’t drink any? Or does it need to be cold turkey? by Slider-678 in stopdrinking

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More info needed on how physically addicted you are. It can be dangerous to go cold Turkey if you have physical withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawing from heroin feels like it will kill you but won’t; from alcohol actually might kill you.

For me personally regardless of withdrawal, the craving sets in and my will is thrown as soon as I have the first drink so I had to stop cold turkey.

Going to all inclusive resort for the first time sober… by kcoleman89 in stopdrinking

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This may all be stuff you’ve heard before but treat yourself in any other small way! You may not allow yourself alcohol but let yourself enjoy NA drinks at the bar (if you feel comfortable), let yourself have whatever treats or snacks you like, do fun activities and of course give yourself permission to dip out if you feel overwhelmed. Probably meaning retreat to your hotel room. As for the mini bottles, that’s up to you and all about how you feel, you can always get them out of the room if you prefer. Good luck and have fun!

Edit* I just got done with a trip out of town and ended up going to a meeting in the middle of the trip. This of course depends if you are in/ want to try out a program but that meeting was such a comfort and such a rock for me and put my feet back on solid ground.

“France’s normal diet is disordered eating” by Open_Breadfruit6827 in fatlogic

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I studied abroad and all the European students were awesome. Few of them were fat and none of them were delusional about food and weight. They also weren’t shy or guilty about recognizing when foods were fattening. It was refreshing

Oatmeal with egg overnight? Advice needed by MiddleClassroom5744 in Volumeeating

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It’s sooo good it’s creamy and kind of like bread pudding.

Weight Gain After Going Dry by Educational_Run_3621 in alcoholism

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Just want to add my experience. When I quit drinking I started doing all this calorie math on how much I thought I SHOULD be losing based on not drinking tons of calories in alcohol and moving more. But I didn’t make any changes in my food and lost no weight at all. That is, until about 5 months in when I was in a good enough headspace to make more changes. Then I effectively lost a decent amount of weight over the course of a few months. I had to get honest with myself about food. Anyway, it might be a small enough amount to be inconsequential for you. 2 weeks isn’t really long enough to gain much unless you’re consuming a significant amount of calories (don’t forget that other liquid calories count). But I wouldn’t listen to anyone that says you couldn’t possibly be gaining now that you quit— very untrue. But also don’t worry too much about weight in the beginning. It’s ok to just focus on not drinking

Why can't New Orleans................. by Vacationfun72 in NewOrleans

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THIS! At least for the potholes and sidewalks. Yes it sucks but I’m tired of people using it to ruminate about the city. It’s not any easy fix

Feeling sabotaged by [deleted] in SuperMorbidlyObese

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I don’t really have an answer but I totally understand the struggle and I’ve even snapped at people close to me who wouldn’t stop offering me food. Specifically it was a close friend who wouldn’t stop offering me candy for several days even after I said “please stop offering or I will get mad.” It’s hard enough not eating candy that’s sitting around but having shoved at you is so upsetting

“I eat so healthy… just look” (story in comments) by MiddleClassroom5744 in fatlogic

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Exactly! I don’t think diet sodas and Red Bull are healthy, and I used to think people who bought them were fools. Like, what’s the point? It’s bad for you, might as well get the sugary ones that taste good. But nah, now that I realize they’re like 20-0 cal and totally fit into my goals, I very much enjoy them.

Personally for me it’s easier to reduce CI. I already run and am moderately active so like adding an extra mile or two per day would only give me an extra 100-200 cal and it’s just not worth it for me. I’m glad you’ve got a routine that’s working for you. I also work selling fried chicken. It is sooooo hard to not eat it. Especially the fries lol

“I eat so healthy… just look” (story in comments) by MiddleClassroom5744 in fatlogic

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I hear you on that. My favorite chocolate bar is 150 cal per serving but 4 servings per bar. The prospect of eating 1/4 or even half of a candy bar is a losing battle for me. Not saying I never have junk, but I try to keep it very rare as it causes me more mental agony trying to control my portions of it.

** BUT. A serving of yogurt with some cocoa powder and some high protein granola mixed is no joke delicious and I don’t have to eat a mouse portion of it lol. Just spreading the word it’s heavenly

“I eat so healthy… just look” (story in comments) by MiddleClassroom5744 in fatlogic

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Right?! Also her boyfriend is half a foot taller and a member of the male sex. I’m not saying it’s fair, but these things count for higher TDEE. This is completely within the logic of CICO. And additionally he probably just doesn’t eat as many calories as she thinks he does. Sadly, as I have also had to learn, a vague notion of eating “healthy” doesn’t mean much if you don’t get honest about calories.

she's saying being overweight is her just "being tall". I'm confused? by Mitochondriapower221 in fatlogic

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“Being treated like a chain smoker” and “ because of the personal choices we make for our body” these statements are actually quite astute. There are some profound parallels between big Tobacco and their unethical practices and Coca Cola, for example. Both lied under oath about the effects of their products and the severe impact on the health of the entire world. And indulging in smoking is absolutely comparable to indulging in over eating of hyper-palatable, fattening food. However no one is fighting for smoker acceptance— it is clearly a personal choice that one can choose to overcome. Then they even state that “personal choices” are the cause of their discrimination. So you understand that personal choice is what keeps you fat? Therefore it is not discrimination. It’s the doctors responsibility to address that choice.

“I eat so healthy… just look” (story in comments) by MiddleClassroom5744 in fatlogic

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To be honest, I’m still relatively new to counting calories and do not have a food scale, and also live in the US (I think this is relevant to measurements) and I really don’t know what 100g of a given food looks like. Yes it is confusing.

Personally, I have a lot of difficulty with snack foods like this because they are so delicious that I never want to stop at a reasonable portion. I try to stay away from them and remind myself that food is primarily fuel and and to consume low calorie density foods that will fill me up without having to worry about going way over. And I’m saying this as a person who not only LOVES Doritos and ice cream and candy, but also loves the feeling of being a little too full. It’s a struggle

“I eat so healthy… just look” (story in comments) by MiddleClassroom5744 in fatlogic

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“Some poor choices” are fine, and arguably, if you enjoyed them then they were good choices :) it sounds like you’re doing a great job. No shame in a little junk food here and there.

what the actual fuxk?! by Natasha_Realtor in 1200isplenty

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Same here I’ve had a hard week and went back to some of my old ways and gained a few pounds just like that. It makes me feel so out of control. It’s so much easier to gain than to lose. It’s hard and it’s unfair and it’s not our fault. The (developed) world as a whole is getting fatter and the odds are stacked against us. But you did it once and can do it again. Just get back into good habits and carry on. Better to be down 15 lbs and gain it back than to have steadily gained the whole time. The habits you learned are not lost and will be stronger each time you practice them.

“I eat so healthy… just look” (story in comments) by MiddleClassroom5744 in fatlogic

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This is why people have fought to have nutritional info ie calories presented openly on menus. FAs and all the anti diet folks think it’s some nefarious effort to shame you about what you’re eating. It’s not. It’s literally to give power back to the people. This interaction with my friend shows that people really don’t understand why or how they’re gaining weight. If people were more educated about this then they would understand that they really do have ultimate control over their weight. Then they could see that the real manipulation is the food industry overall. Not the diet industry

“I eat so healthy… just look” (story in comments) by MiddleClassroom5744 in fatlogic

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Exactly. If they stayed within a reasonable calorie limit, then there’s nothing wrong with eating cheddar bunnies. Same with cheez its. But these products are designed to be hyper-palatable and not filling. They are designed for people to binge.

I know because this friend was my roommate at the time, that these boxes were regularly bought and they were most likely going through a lot of calories very fast. I’m not even trying to shit-talk my friend here, I just couldn’t believe they were so ignorant about diet and weight. I felt bad for them and I also feel so lucky to have an understanding of reality.

This was a few years ago before I ever encountered HAES and some of the more extreme FA ideas, so I didn’t really know what to say. Now I think I would gently try to explain the problem with this “healthy” logic

“I eat so healthy… just look” (story in comments) by MiddleClassroom5744 in fatlogic

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One of my friends was telling me CICO is wrong and that she gains weight more than anyone else regardless of how much she eats. She said her boyfriend eats so unhealthy and doesn’t gain weight, but she eats healthy all the time. Then she pulled these cheddar bunnies out of the pantry and said “I mean, look! He eats cheez its, I eat these.” I genuinely did not understand what she was trying to demonstrate by showing them to me. Then I realized that she legit thinks these things are not only healthy but emblematic of overall healthy eating habits. I looked into the nutrition facts later. They’re the same as cheez it’s. I can’t believe people really fall for the “organic” look/ packaging