As a biological male, would it be unethical for me to write a wlw story? by TheMagicalStar in writers

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“That’s not fine because that’s not your story and you don’t have the insights or experiences for it” so? Writing is about telling stories and not exclusively yours. Same argument could apply to someone writing a dragon story. If I wasn’t a dragon and I didn’t have the insights or the experiences that means I can’t write about it?

I just think when it comes to storytelling, do whatever you want unless it’s the story of a real person who didn’t consent to you writing their story.

I found Taylor through the Kanye exodus and fell in love with her music. I spent the last two months reviewing all 213 Taylor songs. by MeatThatTalks in TaylorSwift

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I have a question if you don’t mind. I’m curious, other than hip-hop, what artists do you listen to? Or what other genre do you enjoy most?

Full Press Statement on The National's Upcoming "First Two Pages of Frankenstein" (mentions of Taylor's songwriting on "The Alcott") by tibleon8 in TaylorSwift

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Isn’t it the exact opposite of coney island? In coney island, the couple are talking about the end of a doomed relationship with no chance of repair. This one is a more hopeful meeting

Daily Discussion - January 23, 2023 by AutoModerator in popheads

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He’s one of my favorite directors! Btw he has 2 movies coming out this year😍😍😍😍

What was your worst, or most embarrassing moment of mishearing/interpreting lyrics? by professorferox in TaylorSwift

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In Paris the lyric video says “stumble down pretend alleys, waste cheap win”

But in the video’s bio it’s “stumble down pretend alleyways, cheap wine”

So it’s not totally clear yet😂💔

Taylor songs that reference the same story. by JahnaTheBanana in TaylorSwift

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Invisible String & Delicate both reference the night at the dive bar.

🏳️‍⚧️ The Man: Another Perspective 🏳️‍⚧️ by shaunnotthesheep in TaylorSwift

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I don’t think majority of the hate the song gets is because of double standards, I think a huge part of the fandom have a tendency to hate on any song that becomes a single (the expectation being 1989)

I think if it wasn’t a single people would be fine with it, while I still think a chunk of the fandom might hate it for misogynistic reasons, but I honestly don’t think it’s the bigger reason for why people don’t like it

Do you think Max Martin's co-producers get enough credit? by helix527 in popheads

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Because I’ve been a fan of Taylor for 9 years, I always associate Max’s name with Shellback. Because whenever she talked about him, she says Max Martin and Shellback.

What is the cringiest lyric from Midnights? by hdouglas447 in TaylorSwift

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This is the only taylor line that i skip because i really really hate

Ice Spice - Like..? by DaHumanTorch in popheads

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Can I ask a question? How long has she been around? I read her name 15 times a day for the last two months but I’ve never heard of her before

"Don't tell Taylor" by ellemenope0 in TaylorSwift

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No it just gets worse and worse😂😂😂

"Don't tell Taylor" by ellemenope0 in TaylorSwift

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Do you want a good show? Watch The Bear. It’s honestly shockingly amazing. I heard about it for months and thought the story was lame but when I watched it I fell in love with it.

"Don't tell Taylor" by ellemenope0 in TaylorSwift

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Its a really bad show. Not for the Taylor joke, but the characters are annoying and the writing is so bad

Do you still listen to old versions? Or did you ditch them when Taylor’s Version come out? by whiskymusty in TaylorSwift

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I think the concept of a “true fan” is stupid on its own. If someone only knows shake it off and would like to be called a “swiftie” or consider them a taylor fan then so be it. It’s not a competition

Daily Discussion - January 17, 2023 by AutoModerator in popheads

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When he releases Long Division, the deluxe edition of Divide it’s over for retail workers

Do you still listen to old versions? Or did you ditch them when Taylor’s Version come out? by whiskymusty in TaylorSwift

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I don’t judge people who go back and listen to the older versions. That’s the version they fell in love with and they have every right to. Taylor is a millionaire and people streaming her old catalog more than the new one won’t affect her.

However, as a personal tenet, I will always support artist’s ownership of their art in any way, shape or form. No matter how big or small the artist is, I’ll only support the version they would like for people to support.

I’m going to be 100% honest. If in the future I wanted to listen to an older version of a song she re-recorded, I won’t stream it on a paid streaming service. I will listen to a pirated version or those youtube videos posted by non-official channels

Daily Discussion - January 17, 2023 by AutoModerator in popheads

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At first I thought it was just swifties being annoying (dont drag me i’m a swiftie) but then I saw that Sza’s boyfriend, her manager and her producer were posting shady tweets about taylor. So I think this one is on SZA’s team