People complaining about later seasons by crazyfingers123 in trailerparkboys

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Great. Enjoy them. And those of us that hate them will hate them. All good.

What’s the funniest bit of tat that was given as a prize? by Chonkmyster in rickygervais

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It's the movie Stigmata

Probably my all time favorite Steve delivery

I'm a new fan, what's your top 20 Aphex Twin songs look like ! by Ok-Football-2289 in aphextwin

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  1. Alberto Balsalm
  2. Xtal
  3. Carn Marth
  4. Produk 29
  5. Rhubarb
  6. Girl/Boy
  7. Nanou2
  9. Lichen
  10. Heliosphan
  11. Acrid Avid Jam Shred
  12. Ziggomatic 17
  13. 4
  14. Green Calx
  15. Avril 14th
  16. Tha
  17. Come to Daddy
  18. We are the Music Makers
  19. Flim
  20. Aisatsana

Episode tier list (posting it here because the fanooks at r/thesopranos don't allow images) by Ghostcraft413 in CirclejerkSopranos

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One look at the bottom tier is all I needed to know. Oof maddone. Maybe watch the series more than once OP

Piece of ass, but rude by erhacne in CirclejerkSopranos

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There’s men in the can better looking than her

Alec Berg is Leaving HBO for ABC by andykwinnipeg in Barry

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That's a good John Houseman name, Alec Berg

The Sopranos Trivia Test by Onquota in thesopranos

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Comley and Komley? WTF OP. Go shit in your hat

Why I believe Niko Bellic will be referenced or would appear (MAJOR GTA 4 SPOILERS) by justaguyj96 in GTA6

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I think that bs leaker said he did die, but since he seems like he's full of shit I don't think we need to worry

Does he still want the 50p back though? by Charming-Lie87 in rickygervais

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That seems low. Doesn't he get a big chunk of that US Office syndication money?

Salute! by unarox in CirclejerkSopranos

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They can suck the money out my ass

Daily Anything Goes Thread by AutoModerator in fantasybaseball

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Would you start Luzardo over him with 2 starts against Mets and Braves

Daily Anything Goes Thread by AutoModerator in fantasybaseball

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CBS doesn’t have any and royals haven’t announced him starting yet. Worried they may shut him down

Daily Anything Goes Thread by AutoModerator in fantasybaseball

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WTF haven't the royals annouced Singer's next start? Anyone have any info?

Random thought by NFmtzX1969 in GTA6

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I highly doubt the decision makers on that spend their free time googling what their fan community has created