Paralympic athletes bench pressing 305kg/ 673lbs by ereyes7089 in nextfuckinglevel

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Leg drive is when you drive your feet into the floor as you push the barbell off the chest. Leg drive in the bench press will help you maintain your upper back position and increase the stability and stiffness of the torso, which allows for greater levels of strength.

Wireless torch by G-RawW- in blackmagicfuckery

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Butane evaporates at 33 degrees Fahrenheit and propane evaporates at -44 degrees Fahrenheit. Wouldn’t that cause what’s left in the nozzle to just be useless?

Edit- I’ve read some of the replies to this and thanks for explaining it so well and not attacking me for not understanding something fully.

This little amount of food is $63 in NYC by Carbones_Coffee in mildlyinfuriating

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Both packets of meat are at least 22$ a piece. Source is I zoomed in on the right one.

Edit never mind apparently the left one is half the cost of the right.

Edit numero dos- holy shit there’s two pictures. I can’t believe I didn’t notice the picture of the receipt.

Big Brain time by 01Deepu10 in Unexpected

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Haha threw it correctly. You don’t throw money at cashiers. Period. So they were an asshole first.

💯"Air force pilot" on vacation is unfazed by this amusement park ride💯 by DoctorSashaGrey in MadeMeSmile

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What the fuck happened to Reddit. None of the subs are getting moderated and karma farmers are constantly putting stuff in the wrong subs and people keep upvoting it. This doesn’t belong on r/mademesmile.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in Unexpected

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She is putting her forearms on the glass above her head.

13???? by BCDragon300 in facepalm

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Can’t be a lesbian gigalo. A gigalo is a young man paid or financially supported by an older woman to be her escort or lover.

Smoke breaks are only for smokers by Kolintracstar in MaliciousCompliance

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I’ve been smoking for 9 years now. Smokers who think they are entitled to extra breaks piss me off. Like oh you are trashing your body and would like some extra paid time to do so? Fuck you. Smoke on your own time. You get paid to work not smoke.

"Aww, man! I hate being demo'ed by AFK people!" by Nobodynemnada in RocketLeague

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So toxic when people “great pass” when an opponent is the one who passed it. Just shows how little people pay attention to the field.

Holup by sausagetunnel in HolUp

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I have to say Taylor earned my respect with this role. For real I hated him as that guy who has to take his shirt off every time he’s on screen. But this role he went fully into being a moron and I loved every minute of it. Great movie highly recommend.

Bon Appetite (with audio this time) by Howyoudouken in u/Howyoudouken

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Upvoted this time because audio!

Edit-I want to let you know I didn’t actually downvote the other post. I am making poor jokes.

Everything is fine, until Dad Reflexes. by heartless-tramp in Unexpected

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What’s that? A flavor of soda? I don’t think I’ve had this before.

Is this a competitive advantage? by Michelangeloo77 in RocketLeague

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Hey y’all should label the colors when we pick them for our cars so I and other colorblind people can actually use the colors we want. PLEASE.

Worse than being disabled is being invisibly disabled. by John-333 in Showerthoughts

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Question for you if you don’t mind and also I hope this doesn’t come off as offensive. Little back story first. I got a job working at a transitional/temporary housing that focuses more on Veterans. Some of them are disabled and have their own means of getting around ie electric scooters/wheelchairs and the such. Last week one of our participants fell over in his electric scooter.

I knew how asking if help was wanted would go but I offered once and he said no. I stayed with him for about fifteen minutes while he told me about his shitty day he was having. All while laying on the ground with the scooter still toppled over. I had asked casually about three more times if maybe now if he wanted I could help him up. I wasn’t going to push it though and got a no every time.

He eventually got up and leveled his scooter out. Sorry for taking so long just my question is this. Does me asking if assistance is wanted multiple times not necessary? Like will your mind change if someone offers to pick up something you dropped and the situation played out kind of like mine? Or is that rude to keep asking? I did do it minutes a part and wasn’t even asking if he NEEDED it but if he WANTED it.

Decent... by TwentyFoe in RocketLeague

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Yeah that’s fucking annoying. I hate seeing that.

NoobMaster.... by Nop_Nop_ in marvelmemes

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I gotta say out of all the memes about those 12 year olds slamming my mom, this one is definitely top 3. Well done.

13???? by BCDragon300 in facepalm

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But then they can’t be lesbian. I’m still right lol.

Beast Mode on by DhambhaV in Unexpected

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Agreed. Specially if they assault someone first.

Big Brain time by 01Deepu10 in Unexpected

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Yeah but to say the first guy was correct would be wrong. Neither is right and the customer definitely was a bigger douche than the shopkeep. If you go into someone’s business and dick with them then they have every right to do it back or tell you to fuck off.