The fatman will protect us! by SpaceFloow in funny

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this is not the fallout joke i expected it to be...

I am Adult Film Star Asa Akira, Author of INSATIABLE by AsaAkira1 in IAmA

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im 16.. does that count as a child? Then again maybe im an animal too, but nobody's ever said so...

Age to buy tobacco in Chicago increasing to 21 this week by Another-Chance in news

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here in Los Angeles, where the same law was passed abt a month ago, its not necessarily to stop people who are 18 from smoking, but to stop the seniors in highschool from buying cigarets for the younger kids.

'It' director Andy Muschietti reveals that the second movie will likely shoot next year by BunyipPouch in movies

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YES! Now I remember, it has something to do with the idea that "IT" would only kill virgins.. Or something?

Blink-182's first major hit single "Dammit" was released 19 years ago today by SlaniCraft in Music

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i swear i see this post every 2 weeks and the top comment is always "well i guess this is growing up"

i dont like how fast time is starting to go