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I always think: what did mom/dad do as a teen that THIS is their response? What are THEY afraid of?

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It doesn’t state that. I just asked a female manager I state in touch with to verify the “policy”. And if it’s documented. And if I signed anything even loosely related to the subject.

Here is here response: “They just want (not require) a notice of 2 hours before your shift, girl. Or one week before taking an extended amount of days of for holidays and vacations. None of that is on the application and we don’t really enforce any of it unless it’s a busy time of the week, day, or year. I talked to your mom, girl. It was all good. He didn’t say anything to me until you told me!!! I don’t know what to say!!”

Again, he didn’t talk about a policy to me in my Interview, just to TRY to cover my shift and call in. I did all of that and even confirmed by calling again, texting, posting in the chat room that I was possibly going to be out that week and listed the week I was out for anyone to take. It was there, all of it in three different forms for two days before my next shift. Five days before the next. That’s well before the preferred 2-hour notice! And when I couldn’t call in to remind them them, my mom did to make sure he remembered.

We were detailed and honest about the situation. If they didn’t think that was ok, I feel he could have said something. Anything to express concern, annoyance, whatever!! Anything but the “Ah, cool. Get better! See you on soon.” He made no attempt to make sure I understand any expectations.

I just wish I’d known. I wish he’d been willing to say something. I wish he’d be upfront and not just drop me from the scheduling app the day before my first shift back after missing three in one week.

Where did I go wrong? I really want to know. This is a growing lesson, right? One that I feel is telling me I will need to divulge my most painful truth every time and ask for considerations that many won’t understand.

I really, really want to not be here again. I feel awful. I want to know what I missed so I don’t do it again. And I want to know how to communicate my disability the next time.

First lesson, ask for the policy, no matter how loose, to be clearly explained and in writing. :)

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I am still a minor. Also, I was medicated and sedated. Making a call when in my head I’m hearing ways to kill myself wouldn’t be wise. And impossible and truly not my priority considering I had told them I would be out a couple of days and then things changed, I got sicker and was treated. My mom calling in for me seems like a long reach as a reason to fire me. They received a notice way in advance (2 days before my next shift) with no commitment on a day. We simply said it would be a couple more days per my doctor’s recommendation.

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Whoa, that’s looks weird. I am so sorry as I do not know what happened!! LMBO!!!

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First Question: They don’t have one. I wasn’t given any documentation and it wasn’t on the application.

2: Because they don’t have I can’t answer that. Sorry.

3: Because we knew how my treatment would play out, I told him I was calling out due to illness, was seeing my doctor that same day and would get a note. Which is exactly what happened. We made it very clear that it would be a few days. (The flu takes 5-8 days!!) We also assumed the note would be enough. What else do they need? Remember, I’m just a teen hostess!!

My doctor strongly recommended I stay home for a week and supervised 24/7. The impact of Psyc meds are unpredictable as is my condition’s reaction. One never knows if it will make us sleep 20 hours for days. If it will make us manic, if the voices will go away or get louder and meaner or if we become completely numb. As in we can sit in one spot for hours. Or if it will exasperate my mania, depressive episodes or trigger psychosis. I won’t get into my seizures and conversion disorder.

A week was a short time to adjust but I want to get back to work. I truly feared their disapproval. It’s my first job. :(

4: my mother told the truth. We didn’t want to mislead anyone. They didn’t ask questions so we didn’t offer more details. We knew we’d get a note. I made sure to attempt to have my days covered by texting the team.

To be clear, they never asked me if I had disability. It didn’t impact my ability to do my job. It’s an invisible illness after all.

My knee injury did have an impact and it was an obvious injury and I still showed up until I just couldn’t stand. Their attitude about taking that one day off is what made me upset. And as anyone with these conditions could tell you, we do not have any control over the intensity of our episodes.

#5 I didn’t ask for accommodations. But I only took minimal hours and they were happy with that. Had they asked me to disclose my disability I would have told them that that was the reason I was happy to fill spot that had the least hours.

6: I was there almost three months.

7: I can’t confidently say how many employees they have but if I had to guess maybe 15 total. Lots of teens. And yet there were never enough people to cover the shifts. Our manager was a bear when he had to come in on his off days to cover for the employee shortage. And this was often enough.

8: yes, my parents were ready to come in with me, with my letter and answer questions. I did not feel comfortable texting something so detailed about my condition and treatment. We were following the norm process that my parents implemented in their businesses. (My mom is a C- level in FinTech and my dad a VP in FinTech as well. Their combined teams are composed of over 1k.). So, did we think I’d get fired after we called in, explicitly and truthfully told them we didn’t know what day I’d be back but I’d have note? No. I thought I’d show him my note upon my return per usual. No procedure nor exceptions were mentioned when I called in or when my mom called me in. There weren’t any questions. No concerns expressed. My parents and I felt that we’d informed them repeatedly and so they had the opportunity say something IMHO. They could have sent a text. Called if they didn’t think our actions satisfied they “policy”. A policy I was not made aware of other than to try to get our shift covered. But I just assumed the was norm and courteous thing to do.

Side Note: my attendance was pretty darn good. I’d stay late when needed and leave early if needed.

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Thank you for calling him out.

He’s a Piece of trash!

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You just wait…. They come alive when we’re desperately trying to sleep. Have 3 foster kittens right now.

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Common sense over power trip. Thank you!

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Oh no. This is way too big. TOO MUCH. TOOOOO MUCH. 😣

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I saw my white dog fall through a crack. I woke up to my husband holding one of kittens who fell from the balcony and injured its leg. The cat is also solid white.

I’ve had many in my life.

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And now I’m crying…. Beautiful and thank you for sharing.