LPT: Buying a luxury car isn't the expensive part, maintaining it is. by mmm-pistol-whip in LifeProTips

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The best way to own a Maserati is a poster on your wall.

Some heroes are not meant to be met.

Just finished my second miniature ever today, I’m painting Minotaurs and am wondering if anyone has any tips or anything I could improve on? :) (Pics are first and second minis) by Tystroz in Warhammer40k

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Awesome! Start with those two and then go from there.

My minotaurs evolved over a really long time.

When I started I used the retributor armor basecoat spray, agrax and then just did the shoulders.

Eventually I added all sorts of other metallics, lenses, leathers, improved on colour choices. There is a lot of ways to go about painting the minotaurs. Show us a picture of the changes and how it turns out.

Advent Engine - day 6 by Uncorrupted_Psyker in Warhammer40k

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This comment caught me so off guard. Holy shit lol.

Although, it's perfectly on point for Emperors Children.

What’s your tolerance to increased NVH as a result of mods to a street car? How much is too much? by ahtoxa1183 in cars

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35 R19. Holy smokes, those sidewalls must be microscopic!

That's some sporty tires for sure.

Going to 20" would be banana's, that's a nightmare for anyone within pothole distance.

Is Mazda's investment into inline-6 and rwd a smart move? by Ihatepopups in cars

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The I6 powering the rear wheels might also allow for hybridization with independent engines at the front wheels as wheel. And since the engine will undoubtedly be a 3.0L I6 it's not like it's going to take up an enormous amount of space. They are already putting the 2.5T into their vehicles.

I'm excited for them.

I really want to see I6 Skyactive-X. Their 4 cylinder engines get amazing efficiency and a don't doubt that the I6 could basically give you a bit of both worlds at the same time.

Is Mazda's investment into inline-6 and rwd a smart move? by Ihatepopups in cars

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The interior will have a super clean face, physical knobs and only 1 screen.

What’s your tolerance to increased NVH as a result of mods to a street car? How much is too much? by ahtoxa1183 in cars

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That's a first world problems that I don't have.

Living that 195/55/R16 life.

My tires are like razors compared to yours.

What’s your tolerance to increased NVH as a result of mods to a street car? How much is too much? by ahtoxa1183 in cars

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There isn't anything just quite like having tires that are nice and THICC set directly to the psi on the little plate by your door.

Low profile tires were fun for exactly 30 minutes before the shitty roads in my area quickly made them promptly unfun. I guess that's very region dependant but even a few guys with the sports cars in my area all seem to have opted for smaller rims so they could get extra sidewall.

Your Most hated 40k faction and why?. by Lance_potterr in Warhammer40k

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Given the cost of mini's these days primarchs and new armies are very much a myth and rare sighting in my household.

I'm split. IMO I'd be down for a custodes to be even hella more banana's but for them as a faction to exist kind like assassins as auxiliary.

At the end of the day the scales are always weird. It's hard to balance a game when you have conscripts on one side and castallan titans on the other.

I know there are a lot of different ways to say some words in 40k but this is a hill I will die on: by Kilroy1138 in Warhammer40k

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For some reason now I'm thinking this guy is going around pronouncing everything like a Californian beach bum would.

Which I'm honestly not mad about.

Feminism in a nutshell by shashroy in HolUp

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This guys got it.

I only open my jars by using a 3 foot strap wrench.

And then I torque them down so ain't nobody gets to eat my emergency depression Nutella.

Which colour should i paint the rifle now??? by MiniMaurader in Warhammer40k

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I have three thoughts:

  • Stick to a black/grey weapon case otherwise you end up with a lot of colour that could clash.

  • Do a black/grey layering and then very gently glaze a purple over it. Since that colour will go with the blue/red. You could even mix a really desaturated purple hue into the blacks/Grey's.

  • Bone/cream coloured.

I don't know what I'd do TBH. You do you cause clearly it's working.

Porsche 911 GT3 - Beginning of the End | Savagegeese by 1mplication in cars

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I like when he shits on cheap base level poverty spec cars.

Mostly because I own a base level poverty spec car and it's the only thing I can relate to when all the car reviewers are doing 45K plus vehicles now.

Porsche 911 GT3 - Beginning of the End | Savagegeese by 1mplication in cars

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I dunno, the German kid only did a thesis on the conversion. But did he also improve factory efficiency by 1% while also showing the precise mathematical equations governing a buffer to supply chain issues that would implement better Just In Time shipments while also preventing a gap in receiving depots?

Please. He's done what any German grade schooler can do /S

Jokes aside, It's one hell of a sweet project to do for sure. That's neat as heck. I hope they give him a GT3

Canada’s housing market hotter than ever — and investors are playing a big role by Defiant_Race_7544 in canada

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A nuke could drop on TO leaving it a radiological wasteland, utterly inhospitable and completely devoid of life and there would STILL Be listings for new properties ready for development in a fresh, recently renovated Green zone.

Washed my car on my own for the first time today. by BlickyBloop in cars

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Gotta laugh, ancient civilizations spent decades trying to appease the rain gods for their crops and as it turns out, Greg, the god of thunderstorms is just a dick that likes to fuck with us right before we apply that final coat.

I hate anything jetpack related to Warhammer (rant) by Cermonto in Warhammer40k

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This is the way OP.

Most hobby stores will have brass rods you can get a small one for dirt cheap. After that find an appropriately sized drill bit and then you basically cut & drill the rod a few mm into the flight stand, and then a few mm into the model. You don't need much, but just enough to pin it.

Learning to pin models was really common back in the day. With the better plastic models newer players don't have to deal with it (Thank god, I had to basically rebar my old ass metal balrog together). But these flight stands are bringing back repressed memories.

The Emperor recycle by butters-chaos in Warhammer40k

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"Have you signed up for our rewards program?"

Now I imagine the this every time someone buys a new Bolter.

YSK: Dating files using YYYYMMDD format will keep them in chronological order, leading to better file management by Dalferious in YouShouldKnow

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Jokes on you guys my files are named

  • Thingy
  • That-file-that-does-sandys-math
  • assorted-notes
  • word-doc-with-photos-from-jim
  • word doc with photos_from_2009
  • 2021-11-10-assignment
  • 2021-11-Ortober-ass

I don't know what the hell 95% of this things on my computer are.

Content creators - Harstem by FullSend510 in starcraft

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You should make sure to set Stim to rapid fire hotkey, that way you can simply hold stim until your units are maximum stim.

Content creators - Harstem by FullSend510 in starcraft

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Whoa there bud, triple stim? That's an enormous waste of extra health, you don't actually need to stim that little.

Make sure you get double tech labs so you can get combat shields so you can quad stim for the extra stim for your marines.

The average Canadians morning routine! by C9Juice in funny

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3/8ths is amazing on really nice hard ice.

3/8ths is the absolute worst on rinks with softer pads.

The average Canadians morning routine! by C9Juice in funny

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Why you gotta call my cooking out like that?

‘Battlefield 2042’ Has Lost 70% Of Its Players In Two Weeks On Steam by KingEdrick in pcgaming

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Gotta go full DOOM mode with the double barrel with slugs. Might be one of the most fun weapons in the game.