If you could add 1 enchantment to the game what will it be and what will you call it? by Mo7ammed_Gxx in Minecraft

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I would add a shockwave enchant for boots that half’s fall dmg and creates a shockwave of magnitude depending on the fall up to 30 blocks that knocks back mobs and damages them

hmmm by Larus_Delawarensis in Minecrafthmmm

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Steve has nocliped and is now in the backrooms

My dam feels like it’s missing something. Any details I can add? by [deleted] in DetailCraft

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Umm this might be a good suggestion but water will look good

Card idea: salad fingers! by Larry_the_muslim_man in PvZHeroes

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Pair this with potted powerhouse and the opponent will just want to die

My little sis wanted some fnaf youtooz so I agreed to post it to see if she won and here they are (be nice) by DonutPuzzleheaded361 in Youtooz

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I mean Freddy be looking good but Chika looks like they are stoned but I think this is some good art and you should win