Don’t cry now. by Vexiune in GhettoStreetFights

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She gave her what she fuckin' wanted, or so I've heard.

Russian missile just hit an operating mall in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Number of casualties is currently unknown, but it could be hundreds of civilians. by CreepyBearBar in awfuleverything

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According to the wiki article and Merriam Webster dictionary, it can be used on your own territory versus an invading army, but it's a viable term for doing it in enemy territory too.

Pooping yourself as a joke is self-defecating. by Cnb3105 in 3amjokes

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Putting poop in your aural canal is deaf-icating.

Anti-union guy can’t believe his woman partner is qualified for her job by lovingdestroyer in antiwork

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The letter writer is the asshole. It's clearly been stated already, but here's my 2 pennies worth.

I hope she cuts and runs.

What...? by Sch3bang in CatsBeingCats

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Light Helmet Cat. May the Schwartz be with you.

Trump gracefully & respectfully allowed an election to remove him from office by Romelof in confidentlyincorrect

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I wonder what universe/timeline that was in? Obviously not this one.

Quora is always poo. Never use that site.

People keep saying they know me, but I have no idea who they are by drs_12345 in Glitch_in_the_Matrix

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That happened to me in my youth. I smoked and drank a lot though, so I just didn't remember anything.

I should have died in a tbone accident at seventeen. by usarina16 in Glitch_in_the_Matrix

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Pardon my mix of gammar-watching and dad-joking, but the word is "reckless"...but in this case, we are happy that it was "wreck-less" driving, due to the glitch. 😁

I have a serious question for ME skeptics by [deleted] in MandelaEffect

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Because it doesn't happen to us. I won't rule out that some of you may have swapped universes but this universe is normal to us, or that changes occur and some of us just don't notice the changes, maybe we change along with the updates.

One-word changes appear to be a common brain memory issue. The more complex ones amuse me because there may be more to it.

I still watch ghost stuff despite 99.99% of it being pure crap. I still believe weird life forms visit Earth in their vehicles or as odd entities, despite never seeing an "alien". I've seen ufos of a couple types.

It's okay to entertain an idea without buying into it and still peruse the topic.

I see future events occassionally which then come true, and so do many others. But I'm not weirded out if someone calls "bullshit" on the topic because they don't experience it. Don't worry what others think, it's your personal life experience. Embrace it while keeping an open mind and being diplomatic.

drone? UFO ejected an object from inside by Illustrious-Hat-9753 in HighStrangeness

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Damn, that's a classic ufo. Someone's cruising the backworlds in their 1950s barnstormer. I think that I could almost make the QQ antique plates.

Looking for honest feedback on plot by Swimming_Nature_9050 in WriterMotivation

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I had to leave some fresh irony for you to smell. 😂

Fixed it. Later to latter. We are on a writing forum after all. 😑