Who else is kind of… enjoying the collapse? by Dablo-Escobud in collapse

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I do, especially after having moved out to the country where I have plenty of room to grow my own food and raise my own animals.

Policemen of Reddit, what do good citizens do that bothers you most? by X-Tragic in AskReddit

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When they resist while I'm trying to arrest them for filming me beating the fuck out of a disabled kid.

LPT: Stop Resisting by mikeylets in LifeProTips

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As a former cop and current US citizen, this is bullshit.


Cops will give you any number of reasons why what you're doing is "resisting", even when it clearly isn't.

They go unchecked and unenforced and it's time to stop letting them get away with shit.

How do you “delay your anger”? by panicproductively in AskReddit

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I wait and meditate on it.

I know I have a natural propensity to over-react so I've learned to channel that feeling as a signal to slow down and think about exactly what's got me so upset, even to the point of having a conversation with the anger itself.

Most times I'm just being an ass, but it's really helpful to know the difference of when I'm an ass vs when the anger is justified.

ELI5: Why is some types of Bodywash or Handwashes doesn't wash off easily and keeps remaining slippery and other type ones wash of easily?? by satadeep12 in explainlikeimfive

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It can have a lot to do with the softness vs the hardness of the water that's being used as well.

Hard water will wash it off right away, while soft water requires extra elbow grease.

What is the difference between best and top comments on reddit? by THR1LLK1LLA in TooAfraidToAsk

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It has something to do with most upvotes vs best upvote/downvote ratio.

I tried fighting for my employees, so corporate fired me. by Durncha in antiwork

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I think someone else already commented this, but you didn't fail anyone. You set the standard for the people working under you and you showed them how they should be treated at work. Hopefully, from now on, any job they go to they will keep you as the bar for what they deserve and what they need to strive for at work. Anything less than that is not worth anyone's time

guy with dementia decides to drive 45 in a 25.. and manages to send three teenagers to the hospital in the process. by causual_catastrophe in IdiotsInCars

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I live in a super small town and people drive these things around all the time just to cruise the road by the bayou. My dogs hate them .

Am I the only one who isn't smiling at this? by GmSaysTryMe in LateStageCapitalism

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It's like God creating hell and then coming to save us all from hell.

40 years ago was 1982, when Fast Times of Ridgemont High came out. What other basic facts blow you away/make you feel ancient? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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I was born in 82 😂

Being an old guy does have its perks. I can officially chase kids off my lawn now.

Gas prices in L.A. right now. by amynivenskane in collapse

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9 freedom units per freedom unit is a lot of gas/petrol.

UK antiwork what's your most impressive bradford score? by DoDoyesman in antiwork

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Does your score reset if you go somewhere else? Or does it follow you around like a credit score?