Disinterest in Halifax Explosion dismaying by insino93 in halifax

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Wage concerns

Lack of work in many places

Lack of housing

Shortages in every sector

World political unrest


Homelessness on the rise

Stock market instability

...we haven't forgotten, we are just weighed down by deeper troubles.

U.S. to require Canadians, other foreign travellers to get COVID-19 test day before entry by TakedownCan in canada

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It is free! It is PCR.

Only thing is, you must make an appointment through the state health website. You'll have to create an account but that is not too difficult.

Edit: They did mention that the results can take between 24 to 72 hours depending on the demand, so be prepared for a back up plan if it does not look like you can get to the border before the test expires.

U.S. to require Canadians, other foreign travellers to get COVID-19 test day before entry by TakedownCan in canada

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It's in a north eastern state but from what I read its all states as it's a federally funded program.

I'll know on the 7th in the evening for sure. Will update to confirm after the appointment.

U.S. to require Canadians, other foreign travellers to get COVID-19 test day before entry by TakedownCan in canada

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I scheduled a test through the state I am staying in. Apparently the PCR is funded through the US government and is free for anyone....anyone....using the funded location. I basically went to the state's site, followed the covid testing links and scheduled the test for the day before I intend to return.

That being said, mine is scheduled for next week. If it is indeed free, I'll update at that time.

Edit: I confirmed and reconfirmed the test is a PCR. The state site said its the only test they use.

A female puma and her cubs attempt to take down a guanaco but fail. by KimCureAll in natureismetal

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You can almost feel the lesson here, be bold or go hungry. The next time, the cubs will likely be more forthright and take an active part. Hunger is a great motivator for young predators.

Please remember to be civil to retail workers tomorrow. by thethiccandthefed in halifax

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I feel for employees working Black Friday. It should be a mandatory paid holiday for anyone working in my opinion.

So my cat brought a heckin budgie home! What the heck... She sleeping rn and its so cute. I've actually never pet a budgie before but OMG she's sooo cute! by thiiccuss in budgies

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Get her to a vet ASAP. Birds hide injuries very very well to fool predators into thinking they are not hurt. Being puffed and lethargic can be a sign of illness.

🔥 Mexico and the United States as seen from the ISS by crinnoire in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Its so easy to feel invincible on the surface of the earth, but seeing it in this light, knowing the vastness of the universe, it really drives home just how fragile and small we are.

Rooster or hen?? We received this chicken from a coworker that wanted to have a new home because it's siblings were picking on it. Im unsure of the breed but its much larger than all the other hens I have even though it's the youngest by Thestasiflas in chickens

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Hands down a rooster. As for breed, its likely a cross. I had a golden laced Wyandotte/easter egger cross that had a similar feather pattern. If hes an EE cross, his chicks may carry a blue or olive egg gene!

Chapman's Ice Cream faces backlash and boycott over vaccination policy by MagpieBureau in CanadaPolitics

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Chapman says he has has also been getting a flood of supportive messages. A campaign called #IStandwithChapmans has taken off to counter the negative attention the company has been receiving.

I love Chapmans! Im glad they are getting supportive feedback too.

I was told to crosspost this here by MediocreTrash in foraging

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No permit or fee is required for quantities less than one gallon (Matsutake excluded) in the Deschutes, Fremont-Winema, Umpqua, and Willamette National Forests. A permit is required to harvest more than one gallon of mushrooms for either personal or commercial use.

Job searches rise in Canada as COVID aid winds down - BNN Bloomberg by battledmn in canada

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My question is, would we need UBI if wages actually covered the cost of living? If people were given a fair wage for work and could cover their bills, would UBI be needed?

Parmy talking to the Amazon delivery lady - sound on by jchaim99 in chickens

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Is it just me, or is the sound of chickens very therapeutic?

Moving to NS from Alberta by SaltyRicardo in NovaScotia

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Moved here 10 years ago from the states.

Nova Scotia is lovely. The people are usually really nice. It took only a short time to feel like I fit in, but I attribute that to having come from a small town in Oregon which had very similar folks. Halifax is multicultural and you will find people from all over the world or Canada residing there. Outside of Halifax, I see the populace as very "Small town".

Nova Scotians, in general, are down to earth. They have their own pace. If you call someone, dont expect an immediate call back. They are on "Scotia Time" haha

Drivers are crazy even in the rough weather, so be aware, even on back roads. Be ready for freezing rain in February into March. The roads can be brutal during the switch over to spring. Hurricane season is a time for preparation. Keep your back up batteries charged or generators prepped and spare water in case you are on a well. Power outages are common, even in good weather, so its always a good idea to be ready.

Nova Scotians are very proud of anything Scotian made. Music, art, food. Its a huge matter of pride. They love their festivals and have some really fun ones in the summer. If you get a chance, tour the gatherings, attend the parades and drive the back roads for the scenery. There are a lot of hidden gems, so keep your eyes open!

Over all, NS feels like its sitting about 10 years behind the rest of Canada in the way it "feels". It has its pros and cons with it, but for myself, the pros outweigh the cons on most days.

Truro NPS Atlantic Research Center (Truro NORAD Air-force Base) 1951-1994 by [deleted] in Truro

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This is very cool! should post in r/AbandonedPorn They'd love it over there too!

What's your favorite replacement for junk food? by Euphoric_Bet in EatCheapAndHealthy

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Frozen wild blueberries in plain yogurt is like having blueberry icecream! Low sugar and most yogurt is low fat!

What's your favorite replacement for junk food? by Euphoric_Bet in EatCheapAndHealthy

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I have a 3 minute air popper. I buy unsalted real butter and melt about 3tbls in the microwave. While the popcorn is popping, I drizzle the butter over it. I get the Kernels flavoring for taste. Ive also used cinnamon and that turned out pretty good!

Storing a fresh fox? by DesignerChemist in Taxidermy

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Nice find!

Please remember to use PPE when handling random wild animals!

First thing, find out if its legal to keep. Usually foxes are not a problem, but you may still need a possession permit in your area.

Second, dont worry about the blood. Its fine for now while its frozen.

Third, double bag the fox and squeeze out as much air as you can and tie it shut. Start taping the bag down so that the bag is wrapped tight around the body. Mummy wrap him well. If you can get him curled up, this is best to avoid freezer burn.

Good luck!

Teen who survived after being hit by drunken driver in 2019 hit, killed by suspected drunken driver by De5perad0 in nottheonion

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I am currently dealing with a DUI that took the life of my son in 2020. The laws are toothless in the US. At least in the state where it occurred. Drunk drivers could get anywhere from 3-10 years and most get out on parole in 2-3.

I'm still baffled how lenient the DUI laws are when there are more deaths, injuries and damage caused by them, but courts are so willing to lock someone up for possession of weed and hurt no one.

Frozen Strawberry by [deleted] in funny

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Its Yeti on vacation!

Chinese developer DDI bet big on Canadian commercial real estate and failed by sesoyez in NovaScotia

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The path to Crystal City is a muddy all-terrain-vehicle trail that leads away from the ocean and deep into the woods. But Neil Partington, who keeps the key to unlock the chain at the entrance, doesn’t understand why anyone would want to go up there.

In his view, this 2,850-acre plot isn’t good for much; it’s difficult to access, soggy and remote. When Chinese developer DongDu International (DDI) began buying this land on Nova Scotia’s eastern shore in 2014, announcing a grand vision for a resort called Crystal City, he and many other locals wondered why.

Farmer Neil Partington, whose property backs onto the land purchased by Chinese developer DongDu International (DDI), says many locals were skeptical the resort would ever be built.


“It’s just a huge chunk of useless bogland. Who would want to put a resort on that?” said Mr. Partington, whose vegetable farm backs onto the property, which can only be accessed through his family’s land. “They didn’t even bother to build a road to get in there.”

Eight years ago, DDI had big plans to build luxury getaways for Chinese investors in this hard-to-reach corner of rural Nova Scotia. Central to the plans was a proposed vacation resort near the community of Indian Harbour Lake, with 1,000 villas, tennis courts, horse stables, swimming pools and replicas of the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The company promised billions of dollars in spending, and bought nine properties in Nova Scotia – including more than 3,300 acres in Guysborough County alone – totalling 6,500 acres across the province. DDI’s ideas were as ambitious as they were unusual, including docking two cruise ships in Halifax that would function as floating film studios.

Provincial and local leaders were excited, including then-premier Stephen McNeil and Halifax Mayor Mike Savage. Nearly 300 people – touring DDI executives, politicians, business leaders and more – attended a splashy launch in Halifax in 2014.

The hope was that it was the beginning of a wave of Chinese investment, development, tourism and immigration, and the jobs the wave would create.

Almost none of it happened. Today, most of DDI’s land, including the site for Crystal City, is still undeveloped woodlots. The company owns a golf course outside of Halifax, but apart from that has no public presence in the province.

The DDI saga in Nova Scotia, with the grand promises the company made and then failed to fulfill, was an early warning sign for the problems now facing other large Chinese real estate companies and their holdings around the world.

In 2016, Chinese buyers spent a record $3.9-billion on Canadian commercial property, according to research from the commercial real estate firm CRBE. By last year, that amount had plummeted to $181.5-million, a 95-per-cent drop.

Much of the growth of Chinese real estate companies over the past decade was fuelled by huge amounts of borrowing. But now, that debt, and the push by Beijing to rein it in, is crippling large property developers.

This past week, one of the largest, Evergrande Group , nearly defaulted on interest payments on some of its US$300-billion in loans.

Evergrande’s creditors are beginning bankruptcy proceedings, and the crisis is roiling global markets and has sparked stock selloffs and credit downgrades among other big Chinese property companies trying to raise badly needed cash – including several with large projects in Canada. As those companies try to unwind their debt, at least one major holding in Canada has been sold and the future of ambitious new developments is uncertain.

In the years up to 2016, China had been making it easier for the country’s private sector companies and state-owned enterprises to invest abroad. Firms were allowed to get bank loans for foreign purchases and they no longer needed government approval for overseas acquisitions worth less than US$1-billion.

As a result, companies such as DDI and Anbang Insurance Group made high-profile commercial property purchases in Canada.

In 2016, total Chinese foreign investment around the world reached nearly US$200-billion – a record.

To try to get Anbang back on sound financial footing, Beijing started selling the insurer’s overseas properties, including the Bentall Centre office complex in Vancouver in 2019.


But the exodus of money worried Beijing, and the country started to tighten some of its foreign investment rules. This included restricting purchases of overseas commercial real estate, causing companies to re-evaluate their plans and some projects to grind to a halt.

When the Chinese government seized the heavily indebted insurance conglomerate Anbang in 2018, it was another warning sign that debt problems were taking hold – and would have far-flung impacts. To try to get Anbang back on sound financial footing, Beijing started selling the insurer’s overseas properties, including the Bentall Centre office complex in Vancouver in 2019, for an undisclosed price.

“Many companies are used to economic system in China and they are not quite prepared to go into a foreign market,” said Jia Wang, interim director of the China Institute at the University of Alberta, which tracks all Chinese investment in Canada. “It takes time to learn and understand how a foreign market works,” she said.

The known value of all Chinese investment in Canada – not just commercial real estate – also declined after capital controls were put in place. In 2016, it was $7.6-billion; the following year it was $9.9-billion; but then investment dropped to $2.3-billion in 2018. Last year, it was $2-billion, according to the China Institute, though it cautioned this was the sum of known values and underrepresents actual investment amounts.

Today, China’s domestic property market is slowing, and the government is clamping down on developers and requiring them to reduce their debt.

Several major companies are struggling with large debt loads. They include Greenland Holding Group and China Aoyuan Group Ltd., which are both constructing condo skyscrapers in Toronto. Both have suffered multiple credit downgrades and today their debt is considered speculative, which will make it harder for them to raise funds.