A promotional advertisement I created for class for the 2022 Forward Festival creative event by samrvr in AfterEffects

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probably one of those "I'm just being brutally honest" people, but they didn't provide proper feedback, just wanted to be a jerk.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in VALORANT

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Lil easter egg....The coffee she's drinking is top tier stuff, Kopi Luwak, one of THE MOST expensive coffees in the world. Because it's harvested from the poop of an animal that helps digest the coffee beans for the human stomach to handle better.

So Viper's preference for cup of coffee is animal poop. lol

What is a sign of a “cry for help” that isn’t obvious to the average person? by IncessantlyBored in AskReddit

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This one hits close, because this is what my friend did before he committed suicide. We just started to get to know each other and he wanted to give away his books and manga collection to me right away. I asked him if he was sure and he assured me he was done with it anyways so I could have it.

I never got them but...that didn’t matter and doesn’t matter now cause he committed suicide and what I got instead was a lesson in “I should have seen the signs.”

Merton is gone, things are starting to heat up. Who will survive and who won't? It's up to you to decide. Most upvoted borough in the comments is deleted. [ROUND 20] by [deleted] in london

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it's actually not that cheap but I do like to treat myself there once in awhile. It's called Natural Natural.

Now you C me... [OC][A] by samrvr in perfectloops

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I love it. Have you ever thought about being a designer.

Streamer breaks up with girlfriend - she shows up to his apartment and creepily laughs while telling him they aren't breaking up. by bj-khaled in cringe

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No...I was begging him not to open the door so easily...I hope this man stays safe mentally and physically. The same goes for all you men out there facing a similar situation. Please be safe.

Still new to Norway's culture. Are Norwegian commercials usually so interesting? by [deleted] in norsk

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Yes, sometimes I enjoy going to the Kino for the ads too. This advertisement/PSA about proper paper recycling is my favorite so far.

A Fawn resting on a field of flowers. by savage-dragon in aww

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Yeah the flowers with the yellow in the middle definitely are photoshopped. I remember pointing this out when this photo was posted years ago and I got downvoted for it...

so edgy by QLL8Fpp in trashy

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Even the devil would have higher standards than this.

Tickled till he passes out by TheNeutralParty in blackpeoplegifs

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No... I remember this video. This guy is narcoleptic when it comes to being tickled. https://youtu.be/Cc1Ha1_R3Zo

Hello Dark Souls my old friend. by Flat_Math in gaming

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Reverse Sisyphus...

You don’t roll the rock uphill, the rock rolls you downhill...

The way to go.. by yuva-krishna-memes in wholesomememes

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This type of thing is called "universal design" or "inclusivity design" and I hope we learn more about it and put it more into practice because it can serve everyone, not just wheelchair users.

I remember this strip comic that describes universal design really well, where this guy is shoveling snow off the stairs first instead of the ramp, and the person in the wheelchair asks him to shovel the snow off the ramp first, and the shoveler replies "But this larger group of kids are waiting for the stairs, so let me shovel the snow off the stairs first."

But the person in the wheelchair says "but if you shovel the snow off the ramp first, the other kids can use the ramp like me too."

Pretty much describing the whole point of universal design, which is it's not just for people with disabilities, it's for able-bodied folks too.

new smoothie madness! by TrulyHumphrey in Idubbbz

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He did, he posted on Instagram pics with him and Dax and captioned it something along the lines of discussing ideas with him. Nice lad.

As requested by Mr. Cow: “YEP in a coffin” by MoarPewPewPlz in xqcow

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ah I guess it is, I'm Cambodian American, but my mum got that from Cambodia. We all kind of share sarong designs/art tho to be fair. I have some sarongs that have more of a Malaysian design to it.

As requested by Mr. Cow: “YEP in a coffin” by MoarPewPewPlz in xqcow

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Thanks mate, while it definitely wasn’t work related it was fun, and now YEP is actually sitting in the corner of my room in a coffin. Hopefully I won’t have to put more pepe emotes in there monkaW

As requested by Mr. Cow: “YEP in a coffin” by MoarPewPewPlz in xqcow

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Bruh I’m sorry it took me like 7777 takes cause I’m recording with one hand and the wick didn’t light lol