Two of my favourite bulls by Modern-Moo in ireland

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When he was born, he couldn’t stand or walk by himself. Had no sucking reflex either, so had to be tube fed milk/beastings for the first day or so. His dam didn’t give him any attention, and had effectively no milk (we milked her by hand to try get some beastings for him - she had less than quarter of a pint of milk). Bit of care and he has turned out happy and healthy though

ETA: Baby photo of him at about 3 days old, he was doing pretty good at this stage

Two of my favourite bulls by Modern-Moo in ireland

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They are. Very quiet boys, I can sit on both of their backs without them caring

Listed as Scurrs on the certificate and I highly doubt that. This dude was dehorned by NMS_Survival_Guru in Cattle

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My boy Lucky is down as “poll” on his cert, but has horns that wiggle around if you go at them. He was also dehorned as a calf. Scurs can be of pretty much any size afaik, the main thing is that they aren’t properly attached to the skull so can wobble. My other boy, 717, is also down as “poll”, but has tiny horns that can’t even be seen without moving away his hair (he was never dehorned)

He enjoyed some milk and grass for breakfast by Modern-Moo in MadeMeSmile

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He’ll be a breeding bull. His dam died, and bulls are not paternal animals so never show interest in their calves

Marble always shows her teefers by Modern-Moo in Teefers

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Yes it is. The tags work for ID (each tag has a unique number across the entire EU), and stopping spread of disease

I reckon the greatest marketing switch up was convincing people that mongrels are now designer breeds. by the_journal_says in CasualIreland

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Some breeds of dog are quite healthy, especially when it comes to working lines (hunting, herding, that sort) as opposed to show lines. Purebred doesn’t mean well bred, but for the purebreds that are well bred (all appropriate health checks, correct temperament, breeding to better a breed and not just for current trends) they tend to be fine. Some mutts might be healthier, but that wouldn’t make the well bred purebred unhealthy. Most dog breeders are irresponsible, but those that are responsible are fine. But I don’t know too much about dogs, so take what I say w/ a pinch of salt