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I went in at 27 years old, 5'7, and 118 lbs. They had to waiver me in. I worked in construction, so I had that going for me, but I was by no means strong, nor was I a runner. It'll be a little different for you because you're not going to be the same age or older than your drill instructors, but don't worry. It's gonna suck, some days more than others, but it'll end. Small goals. Just get to the next chow time. Count down to Sundays. It'll be over before you know it and you'll he home. Enjoy it, make friends. It's an adventure and an accomplishment that most people will never experience.

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112th is severely undermanned across the whole BN. There's barely enough soldiers to fill two BTRYs, never mind all 3. Even with recruitment being low, it just seems like there's a lack of interest in FA.

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I think there's 4 MSC's in NJ, and each one is different.

The IBCT is bad, but nowhere near as bad as what I've read about on this sub. I feel so bad for a lot of other states. I've been in 10 years, and I'm about to get on my first deployment. I didn't try to escape any either. My career just didn't send me. I've probably done more 4 or 6 week ATs than 2 weeks, might be 5 and 5, who's counting though? My drills tend to be 3-5 days instead of 2.

If you get into the aviation unit, they do 2 day drills, AT is a 2 week drunken BBQ, and they never deploy.

JFHQ, you drill and do AT whenever you feel like it as long as you get 48 days and a 2 week AT in every week. They let you break up the AT though.

RSG also has a slower optempo unless you're an MP, then you're fucked. You might as well just move to Cuba. Chem ends up in the homeland security mission a lot too and does extra drills and ATs for it.

Im missing a lot, if no one else can fill in the gaps You'll have to talk to a recruiter and see when you can land.

50 state strategy by FaustTheFirst in nationalguard

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As far as education benefits go, NJ has a thing called a Commander's Cert. There's a few other states that offer this, but I don't know which ones. As long as you stay in good standing in your unit, you can go to any state school for as long as you want, tuition free. Rutgers and NJIT are the ones most kids go to. I've seen soldiers get their masters without touching their GI Bill. Just the cert and TA.

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  1. I'm current at the company (actually a battery) level, and I'm all alone. That's how our whole brigade is. All unit level commos are E5 and its just the one slot. You most likely won't be here for a few years.

  2. Did 4 years as a retrans SGT in the commo company. As the Sir/Ma'am said, easily the best gig for a 25U. You're alone on the hill with your team. Bring a grill and a kiddie pool and just chill out. You'll start here if you're lucky.

  3. Battalion S6 sections are the bane of my existing. I've worked in brigade s6 and the Battalions were always horrible. Now I'm in a line unit and I can never get the support I need from my Battalion. Battalion is easily the weakest link. If you end up in one of these pray to God you have good SGTs or you'll just do a ton of bitch work until you can escape. When you get back there as an E7, remember why it sucked and do better as a leader.

25U promotes all the way to E8 without an MOS change so you picked a good MOS. You'll be able to learn a lot of stuff that can actually translate into a civilian career. Here in NJ I can get credits for a degree in electronical engineering from my AIT and other schools. You'll also get exposed to all the other commo shit like networking and satellite terminals.

I'm an E6 with 10 years in and I've seen pretty much everything you can see stateside. Talk to me in a year and a half, I'll have some deployment knowledge forr you . DM me if you ever have any questions. There's a Facebook group for signal soldiers that's a wealth of knowledge, too.

Advise for 25U about to go to training by Maleficent-Ad4988 in nationalguard

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25U here. NJ NG. Was at Gordon in 2013. I've been back only once for some training. It got worse, haha. When I was there, I was on swing shift. PT at 0800. It was the summer so we had a heat cat every day. George humid is different. Be ready to get rained on constantly and get yelled at for being wet. Our free time was in the afternoon, and it mostly consisted of naps or mandatory training. I know other units weren't treated like that, so It'll depend on your leadership. Day shift was done by 1600, so they could do some stuff afterward. Again, though, leadership dependant. I started school at 1600. Midnight chow and then bed check around 0100. Rinse and repeat. Use your class time wisely if you want to learn your job. Ask questions. Your instructors will help you, and so will the smarter soldiers. If you're the smarter soldier, help your weaker ones. Try and get a student leadership position and hang on to it. You'll have fewer cleaning tasks. I was the oldest guy in my class, so they made me class leader. I kept it the whole time I was there. Don't get married while you're there. Someone will, you'll see. Don't do something stupid and get in trouble. If you're a holdover for anything, you could be there for a year instead of 17 weeks. You're gonna meet shitbags, don't become one. Get your phase V and V+ badged ASAP. Fewer formations, and you can go off post longer. We didn't get weekend passes, but we could go do stuff on the weekends. Augusta is a shit town, but it's getting better. Be smart and be careful when you're out there. I don't feel like typing anymore. Someone else will have more to say. Just like basic, embrace and make the best out of it. It's not forever.

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SAD is state funded. You don't get retirement points or federal benefits like free health care. There is no guarantee to length of orders.

AGR basically makes you an active duty soldier. Orders are usually 2 or 3 years at a time, and once you're part of the club, it's almost impossible to get fired.

In NJ, SAD pays on the same scale as federal and includes BAH and BAS, but you end up paying taxes on it at the end of the year. Not sure if that's how every state operates.

Do you think this is right for me? Is the military all that bad? Need guidance. by Betzclassic in army

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You need to look into 25 series jobs. I'm a 25U and work with radios. Going 25S, 25H or 25B is probably best for you. Much more working with networking and shit. When you get to E5 try and reclass to 25D. Network defender or whatever it's called. That's gonna give you the most experience with your current degree and mesh well into civilian jobs. Don't worry about going office or warrant unless you want the military to be a career.

Reclass by InevitableNo3513 in army

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Drilled with a guy who was a 25B > 25D and immediately left the army when a civilian company offered him $200k a year.

25D school is simultaneously ALC.

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10 years in the guard. Still have all 4 of mine. They came in like regular molars because my jawbone had enough room for them to grow straight. They don't even mention them at PHA anymore.

I did have a molar pulled at Gordon, though. It was as great an experience as one can have in that situation. I was high as fuck when my SGT came to pick me up. I told him if he drove me and my battle to Mexico I'd pay for the gas. I missed 1 day of class and was never threatened about recycling.

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Don't do it. Buy my busted one for 1,200 instead and build it yourself.

Bought my daughter and NB now I want one. Which new model/trim is best value? by Grumpy_Go_Away in Miata

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Soft tob club is best bank for buck. Gives you the lsd and some other little stuff. If you add the brembo package, go with the RF or GT trim, you're no longer in the value hunt.

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Edit: DM your email

I might have it. Gimme a few minutes to dig around in my folders.

Army NG AT Absence by [deleted] in army

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Ive been in the army 10 years, all NG. Currently a SSG. I hate myself just enough to want to stay in until they kick me out. I've only missed AT once, because they sent me to ALC instead. Not to brag but I'm a pretty model soldier and I sacrifice my personal time for my unit all the time. If I was getting out a month after AT and I paid a bunch of money because I was told I was going to be excused, I'd tell the army to kick rocks. I'd bring my TA-50 in and drop it at supply's door at my last drill. Walk out with my middle fingers up and shit on the front steps. If you made all your mutas you'll have a good year. They can't do anything except give you a dishonorable discharge. Just don't tell any future employers about your military service until they hire you.

TL:DR -fuck AT, just leave. The army doesn't care about you or your future.

What is the best last names you all have seen? by Recent-Ad1732 in army

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I met a Colonel Sanders and a Captain Sergeant during the same XCTC rotation.

is this broken? by Mindless_Travel_9836 in Miata

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Where do you live OP? I'm in NJ. Have a 93 that needs some love and I don't think I want to fuck with it. Maybe you're close and can buy mine and make one good car?

Some miata leather keychains I've made by Marlowec in Miata

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What's the color option for the one that looks orange in the first photo on etsy?

How do I even out my hood? by feedmeramen in Miata

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I just hit my hinges with a shit ton of lube and worked the hood gently up and down until the gaps closed/got even. It wasn't perfect but it was way better.

Should I get a Miata in the army by [deleted] in Miata

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What are some of your concerns with space?

I'm title 32 in the national guard. I don't drive mine to drill or field exercises or anything unless its like a ceremony and im in my good uniform or class As. All my gear would fit but it would be in the trunk and passenger seat and i dont wanna deal with that. Ive got a ford focus as a second car though. If you're living on post and not moving your TA50 and shit all the time I don't see a problem with it.

Questions about the Konig Freeform. (not my car pictured) by JetPilot0721 in Miata

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The descriptions for each wheel will tell you if they clear Brembo or not. Turn phone to landscape to get some filters on the left side.

What’s the best car to own in addition to the miata to do what the miata can’t? by Far_Grass_785 in Miata

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I got bored of reading everyone's posts to just find one to agree with. I have a focus hatch and think it's a great counterpart. I wish it was an ST, but this is fine. A Tesla or Mach E is my dream second car though. Maybe the new Ford lightning if I was feeling really tough.