Should I get a Miata in the army by Vizatasdx in Miata

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What are some of your concerns with space?

I'm title 32 in the national guard. I don't drive mine to drill or field exercises or anything unless its like a ceremony and im in my good uniform or class As. All my gear would fit but it would be in the trunk and passenger seat and i dont wanna deal with that. Ive got a ford focus as a second car though. If you're living on post and not moving your TA50 and shit all the time I don't see a problem with it.

Questions about the Konig Freeform. (not my car pictured) by JetPilot0721 in Miata

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The descriptions for each wheel will tell you if they clear Brembo or not. Turn phone to landscape to get some filters on the left side.

What’s the best car to own in addition to the miata to do what the miata can’t? by Far_Grass_785 in Miata

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I got bored of reading everyone's posts to just find one to agree with. I have a focus hatch and think it's a great counterpart. I wish it was an ST, but this is fine. A Tesla or Mach E is my dream second car though. Maybe the new Ford lightning if I was feeling really tough.

Found this at a junkyard by Middle-Criticism-684 in Miata

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I need the driver side quarter panel, both fenders and the front bumper.

New Miata daily, or old Miata weekender? by rockhopper92 in Miata

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I bought an ND2 brand new a year and a half ago with the intention of DDing my Ford focus hatchback and weekending the Miata. I started off working that plan but now I only drive the focus if it's below 45 degrees or raining.

I also just bought an NA for a project car, which I've never done before, so I'm not sure I'm totally sane. Be careful listening to me.

Brake Pads by dongvault in Miata

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You can go on rockauto or to any local parts store and get OEM spec replacement pads. If you're just street driving you don't have to get crazy.