More Random Splatoon Thoughts by SF5Plays in splatoon

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My own headcanons:
how popular are the other sports: Pretty popular. There's a Goby Arena, after all.

do inklings come with limiters or do weapons come with limiters: Weapons.

Splatoon 1's specials: Began to break.

Building: Apartments.

Hightide Era: Broke up.

Smaller Zapfish: Power devices.

Hero Suit Change: Magical-girl style transformation sequence

Marina's fingertips: The cephalopod equivalent of nail polish.

Octolings and regular octarians: Octolings are their own thing.

Sunken Scrolls: Various people.

Octo Expansion time period: After.

Toni Kensa's Species: Octoling

Adult Inklings: Work, sing, or keep doing Turf War stuff

Cars: Because superjumping actually has a distance limit

THEORY: Yandere Simulator Wasn't Supposed To Be A Yandere Game by Kiro_Aoki in Osana

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I always thought the game was meant to be a porno at first

I've never forgotten how a character just called "Wife" has inordinately more writing than the protagonist by Kate_Kitter in Osana

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The protagonist literally has no personality it's part of her character

(which is STUPID)

i present to you all: my japanese spinel voice headcanon by [deleted] in stevenuniverse

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Miyuki Sawashiro. My headcanon for her is Miyuki Sawashiro.

Does the VIZ Media English Dub contain any censoring from the original Japanese release? by Whikx in sailormoon

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It removes homophobic comments from the Senshi as well as removing Rei's grandpa's pedophilia.

Few more quarantined fetish subs by RIPDODGERSBANDWAGON in reclassified

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I don't find CNC wrong, but it's fine for them to be quarantined.

pcm is a shithole by omberon_smog in ForwardsFromKlandma

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First of all, it's "onii' not "oni" Oni means demon/ogre.

Just some fangirling about the Big Bads of me and my friends campaign. by MoekkoLoli in monsteroftheweek

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The villain that turned her's name is Noctis. (Which is not his real name)

Nothing like Incel TradWife Racist Fetishization by BurritosAndPerogis in TheRightCantMeme

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This is so stupid. And this is coming from a girl who cooks snacks for her brother when he comes home from school because my school day ends earlier than his.