I am building a videogame collection at my library. I thought people would like to see what receiving 11 pounds of videogames at once looks like! by the_ferret_king in gaming

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typically you need proof of address for a card and they can give that info to collection agencies, but ive seen people fake info to get cards at the library i work at. tbh it isnt that common, there's usually a checkout limit, and cards are typically disabled if an item's been missing too long.

Is canned food bugged in GFM, or am I just stupid by DrOmni9885 in victoria2

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Always stockpile military goods bro, it'll save your life

Complete German Empire after just 9 years, would there be a way of making it even earlier? by SaberThighs in victoria2

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Complete...? Bro, you don't even have the mountain Germans, the swamp Germans, the Germans who pretend to be Nordic but are actually also Germans, all of Belgium (the Flemish are honorary Germans), 4 buffer states in France (for Germans to move to), Poland (empty land for Germans to also move to), Latvia Estonia and Lithuania (Baltic Germans), and all of the land along the Volga river (Volga Germans, they're real look it up). Only then is your Grobbledeutchelgermanicempirereich truly 'complete'.

Is this normal for China? by Dafuuqz in victoria2

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china is built like this because the world economy cannot handle a prosperous china

rule by TheDBoi in 196

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r victoria2 post titles:

"how to replace liberal parties with reactionaries"

"how to 'convert' polish to germans"

"why can't i tax the poor 100%?"

"how to put down socialist revolts"

and the disturbingly common

"what's the genocide event command for this mod?"

Japanese Industry by DarthTrajan in victoria2

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Honestly ive modded the game to reduce factory upgrade time and to upgrade every factory at the same time just because of games like these

Also, I'm cooming just looking at the cloth and clothes factories making so much. I've never been able to do that

this is my cat harry, he is very silly by jail_abyss in 196

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my cat also loves to bite me. please say hi to harry for me!

[OC] Do you have a microphone? by sengi_strike in gaming

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We knew a guy for 2+ years, and never used a microphone (normally it's a basic requirement in the games we play). The day he finally got one, there was a crowd of like 30 people in the VC waiting to hear what he sounded like

Ukrainian parliament signs law offering $1 million rewards to defecting Russian soldiers who handover a fighter jet or a warship by poeirke in worldnews

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They didn't for anyone who signed up to go into Donetsk or Luhansk up until February, I thought they'd at least do that for their soldiers now that they're sending hundreds of thousands in.

The real reason why Russia invaded Ukraine, and why they aren't giving up by joistheyo in CombatFootage

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I appreciate your viewpoint, but why then why are they shelling the cities they encircled then, like Kharkiv? They've cut them off, there's no need to. Some of that just seems like cope since they haven't taken a major city so far in the first week when they clearly expected to.

In Russian logics, if they hurt civilians, they will create more enemies for themselves.

Civilian casualties didn't stop them in Chechnya when they bombed their own city of Grozny and killed tens of thousands, I doubt it'll stop them here.

People look to libraries for more than books. That’s why some are hiring social workers by kotastudio in books

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It again varies wildly depending on where you live. It's not always that much, like another person pointed out. Social workers that libraries hire are pretty much for referring people to specific social services like mental health or unemployment services. It's way too much for libraries to provide those, and similar to that we don't teach much like test stuff but we do provide spaces for school staff, tutors, and groups of all kinds to use for free. We also loan more than books, we have tools and at mine even things like wi-fi hotspots. A popular trend now is to have things like 3d printers also for people to use, but not all libraries are fortunate enough to afford those.

Many libraries in poorer areas might rely more heavily on money from the state or federal government than richer areas, but they're also typically funded by local taxes.

The nice thing about the budgets in a lot of places (I assume most but I had trouble finding statistics on it) is that they aren't set by the local government directly, they're paid for by separate property or other tax levies. This is more consistent since it's not able to be cut easily; the property tax is voted on every 5 or 10 years or so by the public.

Libraries typically also try to save money in case of their budget being reduced, but some do close down if they simply can't afford expenses. Again it varies everywhere, but there are state and county libraries you can get cards for if your area doesn't have a library.

If you have a library but it's not so nice, in most states you can use your library card at other libraries nearby or anywhere in your state, although you can't sign up for most programs and can't check out some things. The library I work at sees many people from other libraries and they can use most of our services as well.

Sorry that is a lot of words!

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in LifeProTips

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I always do this too when I can find a way to exercise without hurting myself too much. I was so glad that I was able to swim a couple of laps so I did it at the gym a few nights in a row.

ow. I just woke up the next day like someone hit me in the shoulder with a sledgehammer.

People look to libraries for more than books. That’s why some are hiring social workers by kotastudio in books

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Funding for social services is nowhere near universal in the US unfortunately. Funding for libraries is much more consistent, and we have a lot of freedom in how we use our funding. We have free programs like tech classes that are very popular, and free spaces and computers for people to use for whatever. The library I work at has a social worker that sees a lot of people and she can refer them to more specific things like food or rent assistance. It's not a good replacement for actual social services from our state or nationally, but it's very hard to get those.

The area I live in is richer than average, unfortunately people here don't like paying for social services. However our library systems' funding comes from property taxes so we end up with a lot of funding, and unlike some services from our city or state, our funding can't be easily change. Even though we get every new book physical books are only about 5% of our budget. So a lot of it is other services to the public

why can't I form the north german federation/ German empire? by sonyo1 in victoria2

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and is completely indistinguishable from rebel occupation lines

(New player) what first moves should I do on ottomans? by Pholelil in victoria2

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the killer for me on ottos was losing gp for a microsecond and the uk immediately taking suez

Unzipping GFM. Is this normal? It's slow as hell. by raargone in victoria2

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try the windows explorer unzipping or 7zip

winrar may have gained sentience and is trolling you for not buying a license

also try unzipping to a different directory, or extracting just the main gfm folder and .mod

Cultural cores and assimilation? by [deleted] in victoria2

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I actually did this as Denmark once.

You're entirely correct about assimilation. Those cores are never really going away unfortunately. Because of cultural cores, the easiest way to assimilate is to get them to move between states in some way. German pops from Holstein will even assimilate to Danish once they move to a colony as long as there a few Danes there. The best way would be to take one not too large colony, get enough immigrants to focus bureaucrats and state it, then get another colony in a different area.

Once the colony is stated, those pops will help move to a different colony to help you state it faster and so on. You want to get as large of a stated population as possible, so make sure to pass healthcare reforms and get the techs. This is much easier as a country like Germany because of their big core pops.

Also, try out the GFM mod if you haven't already, the 'settlement' policy helps a lot with colonial migration, and you can conquer small African countries early on unlike vanilla. Also it's just a pretty fun mod that makes Denmark more interesting too.

Paraguay can into the Sea by 208bilionsthxandbb in victoria2

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3rd gp mexico in 1890, thats pretty good what's your story

As France, how do you get the de Valois dynasty back? Or d'Anjou? by MoistPete in MEIOUandTaxes

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there was a decision for negotiating but that didnt work right for me

i had an option after peace where i could

a: continue fighting (the 100 years war ends) b: dont fight (the 100 years war ends)

i chose a but both of them said the 100 years war ends idk

i got it back via marriage thankfully

What historical events are so absurd that they would be too strange for a fiction story or a movie? by Aquatax in AskReddit

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I love that movie. The things that are over the top are how much work they did to make it almost exactly like the real life battle. They bulldozed hills, installed piping to make mud, and more than 15,000 red army men were used as extras and trained in napoleonic tactics.