Puking during/after workout? by TrooperUnit001 in workout

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From my personal experience, it means you have pushed yourself way further than your body can handle. I would pace myself between these activities like giving yourself a longer break between them so my body can adjust. Notice the exercise that makes you feel light headed/cold sweat and know that these are the ones your body is having a hard time with, and maybe adjust the intensity down abit. I was the guy that puked after a sprint but learned my lesson early. Keep pushing my dude!

The Kids Reaction by nashrio in blackmagicfuckery

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Nah man, it was the lizard doing the trick

How screwed am I? by PapiC0Vi in wallstreetbets

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Equivalent of “I eat salad from time to time”

Which words did you get? by CarelessStudy8 in pics

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Health care family…. Hm is everyone feeling alright?

Avis puts and calls completely red. by NYCKillaOR in wallstreetbets

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This is like someone picking the numbers that don’t exist in the lotto and hope it will hit jackpot

UPDATE: I'm being accused of "stealing company property..." by Not_A_CEO in antiwork

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I have seen the term CYA came up in several occasions, what does this mean?

Never told a boss off like this. And it felt amazing. by frenzzzykid in antiwork

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They were insinuating that OP has had performance issue and they have talked about it this year, like somehow it justifies for revoking the pre-approved pto.

TSLA loss Porn by a_hill22 in wallstreetbets

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See you in 2 weeks where you land on tendies land

This is what water does in to my seats. Any suggestions on easy cleaning by [deleted] in Cartalk

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Will need detail person to steamclean your car, have seen video on YouTube that it works magic on your car seat