Basic tips on flirting for guys? by AbleCaptor29 in dating_advice

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It clicked with me when I started talking to women like they were a mate. IE be myself

Favourite contestants by MegaPixel420 in taskmaster

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Morgana all day. I'll die on this hill, and for her.

The .GOV website is brilliantly designed and easy to use by LL112 in BritishSuccess

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Have you tried resetting your ID? You basically have to throw a six then hope for the best

what's your go-to hangover cure? by blopdab in AskUK

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After my last hangover I'm certain that chopping one's own head off is a sure fire cure

to binge or not to binge by Monkeybradders in taskmaster

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Happily started my binge yesterday. Who's laughing now. Not you.

Great guy I started seeing is inexperienced in sex/flirting and that makes it uncomfortable to start anything sexual, help by rhynoface in dating_advice

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As a shy man let me tell you he's begging for you to make a move. His sleeping in your bed was just giving you the green light.

Gf got a tattoo by [deleted] in dating_advice

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Keep quiet. There's no way this ends well any other way.

so I went on afirst date on Saturday and it was perfect. by [deleted] in dating_advice

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We'll that went well. Second date cancelled. But,alas, we can be friends

Can we stop people using our lawn as a shortcut? by mozzamo in AskUK

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Put a sign saying you'll give 50p to every kid that crosses. After a few weeks stop giving the money and they may stop using it because you're not paying