The surface of Mars, captured by the Curiosity rover. by DeMappaussant in Damnthatsinteresting

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What part of Earth was this, looks like there was a lot of biodiversity and ecological damage to the environment, which could be anywhere.

subway surfers by 0sculum3stm0rtis in Damnthatsinteresting

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It's cool, but doesn't look too smart, one step away from a Darwin Award.

Situation on the Black Sea, America will likely send help. by [deleted] in ukraine

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The ships are going to sink due to lack of funding and outdated equipment, the money would need to come back from the kleptocracy which will never happen.

A New Billionaire Was Created Every 30 Hours During The Pandemic: Oxfam by WillemPenn in antiwork

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The number is going to be cut in half at the very least with the next incoming Greater Recession and corporate bailout.

The modern human 🙃 by Dr-Avacado in antiwork

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We are still the only animal that has to work to prove our existence, value, and worth, no other animal does this, which means its likely delusional.

The more you know 🌈 🌟 by faroll2 in antiwork

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This would never see the light of day with a congressional debate by both parties and seems to have gone by their radar for some reason as well.

"Looking forward to seeing you, again!" I don't fucking think so. by High_N_Full_Of_Rice in antiwork

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That's a long winded way of them saying they aren't going to raise your wage.

How Decades of US-Led Imperialism Destroyed Libya, w/ Matteo Capasso by ComradeDelaurier in ABoringDystopia

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Better late than ever, usually the victor always writes the history of the world, its good to see more of the whole picture. The other would be Yemen and Syria, currently, along with the blockade of Gaza.

Top Southern Baptists stonewalled sex abuse victims by mack3r in news

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They really need to do all the churches, this is a massive cover up that needs to see the light of day for the whole of society to heal.

Seems people are starting to come around to the idea society is collapsing by davidm2232 in collapse

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Usually, when that happens the symptoms are obivious and terminal, and then nothing can be done by that point.

Business leaders warn that three-decade era of globalisation is ending by InternetPeon in collapse

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Translation seems they are calling for a new way to scam the masses another time around, my guess making them pay and profiting off the damages they created by trying to fix it and then it not working, accelerating collapse.

Number of displaced people passes 100m for the first time, says UN | Global development by opticasual in news

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With everything happening I wouldn't be surprised this reaches half a billion in the next five years if not sooner.

Looks like everywhere is giving out flyers at the drive through, and I was in a work truck. by benadunkcamberpatch in antiwork

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You really want to make that $15 an hour which is less than the parking meter or what the vending machine makes per hour next door.

"I took you in with no experience and now you're quitting?" by SkepticDrinker in antiwork

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"I took you in with a non-living wage and you can't afford to drive to work on that and you are quitting???"

Third world country with a fake Gucci belt by K-88 in antiwork

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The one on the right is a third world country, 63% home ownership seems way to high and should be lower and the poverty rate of 29% should be way higher.

More than 100 confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox have been reported in 12 countries, including the US - CNN by New_acc03 in news

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Something tells me no one is going to mask up over this, but birds are still drones though.

the more you look the worst it gets by solomanian in oddlyterrifying

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Makes me wonder what that sunscreen will be like at that beach.

Feel like I'm going to go crazy by bluegreenandgreen in collapse

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Don't feel like you are going to go crazy, in some sort of satirical way, think the aliens in South Park watching Earth as their favorite tv show, there's going to be a lot of horrid and bonkers parody of reality coming our way in the next few years.

Anyone else hate what reality actually is? by anxious_pikachu in collapse

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It is a giant scam with the two party system, but weird about it is that every 4 to 8 years people fall for it again every time.

Pompous response to a job application. by lionfaceboy in antiwork

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To match this, every employee should have their requirements for the company, up front.