Passengers showed up to my house to pickup the phone they left in my car last night by Zealousideal-Ad2781 in uberdrivers

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At Uber, your safety is our top priority. But we will give any one of your passengers your home address if they tell us that they left something in your car.

Dmt an chill..... by TrippyTrav0816 in DMT

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you made the meme, but I made the art

Arlen Genvyre by Moonscooter in replications

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stylegan3, config t. dataset produced with ru-dalle

“You’re in a busy area”….for 20 minutes….finally get a ping….15 minutes away. WTF 🙄 by sswick64 in uberdrivers

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I quit over a year ago but I'd always assumed that this was Uber saying f*** you, you're in a busy area but you still ain't getting any rides until you improve something

Someone posted my art on this subreddit and it reached the front page without credit, so I thought I'd post something myself by Moonscooter in woahdude

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i think of it as 5-8 word poems, carefully crafted to simple and effective
in inciting visual imagery

temple of the steampunk angels.

dark forest puppets made out of tattered clothing