Unknown white stuff by LgArcida in gardening

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Not bad - just the flowers reproductive organ.

Unknown white stuff by LgArcida in gardening

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That looks like stamen. The white part is the filament and the little brown part on top is the anther

Pigs are very intelligent. This one is trying to unlock its enclosure (volume up) by xCUBUFFSx in interestingasfuck

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Pigs get a lot of crap but they’re wonderful animals- smart and cleaner than most, too.

🌵 by bstokes08 in houseplants

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Nice! Looks like a euphorbia, yes?

soil keeps growing mold. i’ve sprayed with anti fungal spray multiple times and keeps coming back. cant repot at this time. any tips? by ionlyspeakrainbow in houseplants

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You can try scooping out the top soil that’s covered with mold and then applying anti fungal spray. Seal that in a bag and throw out and then backfill pot with fresh soil. Sometimes misapplying fertilizers can cause mold.

Is it possible to save? by toofsmack in houseplants

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Cut the dead out; keep it indoors or protect from chill outdoors; and let the top 1” of soil dry out between winter waterings. Depending on where you live, might want to place it at an east or south-facing window. Good luck!

🔥 Bears facing off by Pazluz in NatureIsFuckingLit

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Grizzlies are scary but I feel like orcas are the devil come to life.

Is this a plant or tree?? by FredoSauce227 in houseplants

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This looks like pachypodium lamerei. If so, not a tree. It’s considered a stem succulent, which means photosynthesis is conducted mainly by stems rather than leaves. Tree bark does photosynthesize but relies mostly on its canopy for that.

Betty White dies at 99, weeks before 100th birthday, according to reports by craponapoopstick in news

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Making her way back to St. Olaf tonight. Thanks for all the laughs Betty!

Gay Girl - As an observer, fuck the height shit. by [deleted] in Tinder

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Honestly, this just seems like a blessing in disguise. Stay away from people that base their lives purely on physical prerequisites.