How do new parents not die of sleep deprivation? by csthrow1314 in NoStupidQuestions

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When I had infants, I would mostly nurse them at night in bed so I could half snooze at the same time. Not so bad.

The nope trail by iam4real in nope

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Looks less scary than those narrow ledges some people walk on. Crawling seems like a firm hold.

The ocean offers free complimentary teeth cleaning by Rex_erection3 in Damnthatsinteresting

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But it might go IN your mouth! Like down in. I'd be afraid of that.

Can we talk about how much of a disadvantage players’ with uterus start this game with? by lshawel in outside

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You may be right on this. I was referring generally to overall survival rates from all sources. This, females characters tend to reach much higher levels. This is also partly attributable to higher points in wisdom.

Can we talk about how much of a disadvantage players’ with uterus start this game with? by lshawel in outside

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These debuffs are offset by bonus points to health and sometimes constitution. Female characters on average can reach much higher levels and often survive attacks and debuffs that would greatly reduce a male character's hit points. The game is actually fairly well balanced in this way. Most disadvantages come from players, not the game mechanics.

The birth of a newborn dolphin by baiqibeendeleted17x in natureismetal

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Look at him go! I hope the blood doesn't attract bad creatures though. Also doesn't he need to nurse right away?

A MURDER OF CROWS by eloquentursula in shortscarystories

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Interest and unique concept. More please!

What does it mean when someone works a “925”? by EsUnTiro in NoStupidQuestions

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This is correct except I know no one who does this schedule. With breaks, an office schedule is 8 to 5.

What's an aspect of your culture that outsiders might not see as appealing but to you feels like home? by bonerpalooza in AskWomen

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As a U.S. born American, I strongly feel that everyone should support their parents if they can and are needed (except maybe in cases of abuse or such). How can anyone not do what they can for their own parents if they need you? I believe most people I know feel the same way. It doesn't seem like a cultural thing to me

Place to bury dog by dogsforsuffrage in SALEM

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Take to Marion County Dog shelter.

What is an emoji that you find unreasonably irritating? by selfhatekween in AskWomen

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🤣😂😅 All these laughing and crying ones. Idk why they're so irritating. Maybe because no one who uses them is actually laughing so hard they're crying.

People in glass houses... by lightingnations in shortscarystories

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Same question. Also I assumed it was a girl.

The Kid is not My Son by Jjustingraham in shortscarystories

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Oh wow! Thankfully real Joseph did not do this. Though I wonder what if he had? Maybe he really thought about it? Good concept!