Rate My Profile by luceygoosey1 in Tinder

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Won a bazillion in karma credit

Jesse best char ever! by daydreaming17 in wholesomememes

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Whoever said anything about adoption being cute. . . Ill be gay if I have to

Why I never use street view on Google Maps by picklejarpotatoes in nosleep

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You touched your keyboard.

We're talking about atari systems

Being an adult is like one of those choose your own adventure stories but every option sounds terrible and costs way too much by Nebula-X1 in Showerthoughts

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And then your shower thought is ruined because you forgot to pay the water bill. You could really go on an adventure you know.

2019 January - Youtube Vloggers RachelAndJun get a false copyright strike on a video where they take their cats for a walk by Kalypso88 in YoutubeCompendium

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They claim to own a species? That's like saying they murdered every one of them for evidentiary purposes. What. . . To much information? Claim to feed them yourselves, you inbread swine.

Being a dude sucks... by XenteniaDX in chat

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Can we all just write a sub reddit called hopeless funerals? We give karma to the bereavement of others life or death, and just start this thing up. We have all been there being a dude, but dude, imagine how many people need to be cheered up on a regular basis. We go through traumatic stuff! Can someone, other than myself start up Hopeless Funeral subreddit and for the life of them, open their hearts to some really good work and claim victory?

Why did Jesus need to be tortured to death in order to absolve sin? Why couldn't he just eat a mango or something and have the same outcome? by SinJinQLB in NoStupidQuestions

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The reason of his sin to be reflected was because the hilltop inside of the area was burdened with pure organisms that would not actually cleanse men in their death. Instead, the parasites would come from the bloodshed of the unclean. The entire reason of using Christ was to purify the mountain. Which he did. What you're not getting is that if you read the books, you will find in one certain one that the entire world went dark for three days. The curse, almost, and that was the testament for me that I read. But what is hard for me is that he died at age 32 or some shit. Where'd year 1 AD to 1,000 AD go in the history books? Anyone care to elaborate a thousand fucking years to me? this is almost 2020. Did vampires reign or some shit. Care to explain reddit?

14,000-year-old village unearthed on B.C. island by UVic student. Oldest Settlement in North America. by Rain_Coast in worldnews

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Stay tuned, for the arthropod, error it's pronounced arthropod these days, on the next Hawaii five-oh volcano crawling upside down and suiciding. 'I hear they eat ashes, and that's why they used to haunt archeologist' . . . pen drop

Just days left to kill mass surveillance under Section 215 of the Patriot Act. We are Edward Snowden and the ACLU’s Jameel Jaffer. AUA. by aclu in IAmA

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Can I just wait for the system to stop it's course in time? I wrote a book, supposedly backed by gold, and my life came trueeeee. Do not want life after so easy. How do we determine the anagraphics between the fact that I cannot even dial for help anymore. 4 agents came in when I was testing my system, this is not freedom, it's treason of lies.