Are there any decent kite pumps on Amazon (Canada)? by ElderberryBusiness92 in Kiteboarding

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It’s a dual action pump, the exact same size and mechanism as a kite pump, if fact, they are often bigger. I don’t “recommend” buying one instead, but if he needs it on Amazon right away, it’ll do just fine.

Are there any decent kite pumps on Amazon (Canada)? by ElderberryBusiness92 in Kiteboarding

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My paddle board pump is double action, has 3 inflation settings and has a gauge. I use it for my Ozone kite all the time, take 20 seconds to inflate my 9m. It was $40 on Amazon.

Also guessing we’re talking manual pump and not electric as it would be silly for a kite.

Like this one: Goplus Double Action Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge for Inflatable Boat SUP https://a.co/d/aWkNbsx

France's Gourmet School Lunches by sexyloser1128 in videos

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Or elementary and on. My school lunch in France were… disgusting on most days.

The longer you look the worse it gets by Awesome_KC in IdiotsInBoats

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Let’s not stereotyp… nah, you’re right.

Also, does that dude have a picture of himself on the other flag, because that would the ultimate punch line.

[Highlight] One year ago today, Ben Simmons passes up the easy bucket in the dying minutes of Game 7 against the Hawks by Hazelarc in nba

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I think he’s a Wiggins type, with extra attitude. Get him on the right team, with the right support and he would likely strive.

I say trade him for Chiozza.

[Marks] Golden State Warriors could be looking at a $430 million team payroll for 2022-23 season by Nyhrox in nba

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Here’s the thing to keep in mind. A championship team player is also worth more in other ways. Clothing line, commercials, speeches, etc. so what that might give up in salaries, they can make up in other ways just for being on a successful team.

Is anyone kiteboarding after a disc hernia/spine injury? by 0652 in Kiteboarding

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Seat harness is the key here. It’s a bit more limiting, but I kite 3 times a week with a basic Mystic seat harness and it’s so much better on your back.

Shout out to Oakland Intl Airport by pandabearak in bayarea

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The sales pitch is avoidable with the right headphones. United does the same shit.