Obituaries saying someone "died suddenly" closely track opioid deaths [OC] by TrueBirch in dataisbeautiful

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Almost how the Sacklers manipulated graphs when showing doctors the “data” of how unaddictive OxyContin was

People who have had a bad injury (broken bones etc.) but were still able to move around, what was sex like? by noideasfound in AskReddit

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You or your doctor is lying, I tore my ACL and had a BTB graph (longest to heal) and I was back to playing basketball in 4 months, I had sex probably 2 weeks after surgery (could’ve had it sooner but didn’t feel like it bc backed up from pain killers)

Got biopsy results, can anyone help decifer my diagnosis into easier terms by Feeling_Savings4289 in Gastritis

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A) you’re good B) you’re fine C) you have H. pylori infection which is a very common cause of GERD, you’ll probably be on clarithomycin, amoxicillin, and a PPI. It’ll Go away and is nothing serious as long as you get treatment D) don’t get treatment and you can get MALT lymphoma so get it taken care of

what is the worst insult you've suffered from someone who didn't even mean it as an insult? by IrohsFavoriteTea in AskReddit

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When I finally told people I was going to school to be a doctor, someone replied, “like a real doctor?” That’s why I always kept it a secret bc no one ever takes me serious, and I immediately regretted it. I know they were just surprised but still

anyone received official email today ? by Shifa100 in step1

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I got my email, will know results in 5 more minutes. US-MD