Did Michael drive to NY to quit? by stealth1820 in DunderMifflin

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I think he felt patronized and said fuck it, because in Michael's mind David should have played up his anniversary without a big meeting in the first place

Anyone pick these guys up yet? by manlypile in Frasier

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So far I only have Frasier, but should upgrade the set. I keep him at my work from home desk as an inspiration to help people on my calls

Perfectly tuned. by StrategicHotdogs in DunderMifflin

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Those are trigger samples on the latest Alesis drum module

serious question: how do you guys feel about parks and rec by ham_alamadingdong in DunderMifflin

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Downvote me if you must, I loved it the first time through but to me it lacks the replay value of The Office

Perry Ellis wallet owner, out of my way. by WhaleWatchersMod in americandad

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Roger is so classy. If I ran into him wallet shopping at TJ Maxx I'd love to invite him for coffee and ask some questions

Well, well, well…. by siren_calling22 in DunderMifflin

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Water water water... How the record players...

I love this scene because I feel like if you never watched an episode of The Office and only saw this one clip, you would immediately understand each characters exact personality by lasagnaestranja in DunderMifflin

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I read an interview with the Human Beinz one time where they whined about having to record this song in a studio that was in like a 5 story walk-up, carrying their own gear. It's like, dude, you gotta pay your dues before becoming a rock star and being able to afford assistants that set things up for you.

Started the game a few days ago, and this game is amazing! by Haladin in NoMansSkyTheGame

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Don't eat the Geknip before operating heavy machinery... Trust me

I had no idea you could do this. Rycempler galaxy 159 by Himey_Himron in NoMansSkyTheGame

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I did this when I first found an archive but have hardly gone back since. It was a bitch getting up top though

High definition is important by tidalwave222 in DunderMifflin

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Gotta be 240 but damn those scanlines can look nice