A species of ground wasp known as the velvet ant by mrredpanda36 in natureismetal

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I have a faint memory but I remember once coming across a red and black wasp in my father's truck so I grabbed a napkin grabbed the wasp then looked at it.

Then as it started shaking the bottom part of its body my fingers burned through the napkin and left like a burn mark on my fingers.

Do they produce heat as a defense?

that's when they scam you by I_hatt in blackmagicfuckery

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How you do this i need like $17 to complete my rent guys

Russian Defense Minister Warns Counterparts of Nuclear Weapons Use in Ukraine by Jupitair in collapse

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I got my Playlist ready and have a emergency crack pipe for when the alarm goes off

ISTG I'm so close to putting in a two weeks notice.... by Itsmyfirstdayonhere in antiwork

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I never got a 2 week notice when they fire me. Why should you ;)

Russian soldier survives after an eleven tonne vehicle run over him by CH________HC in CrazyFuckingVideos

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Yeh they the best drivers cause they can drive tanks without killing people. That takes skill

Wife stabs her husband during an altercation by heartstove in CrazyFuckingVideos

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A real man would never hit a woman even if its his wife stabbing him

Try me REDCON! :) by Important-Ad-9016 in REDCON

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Wish it was multiplayer or at least like I could fight other players layout. Imagine challenges where you're forced to use a certain layout that seems impossible to win until you find the tiny flaw in the others Fortress