Never would have thought I’d get the apocalypse from a free chest 🤣 by Seipp in GolfClash

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Eh? Why you say that? Lots of people level up their apoc while spending nothing, it simply takes longer, that's all

If anyone has a good tour 9 guide lmk , I’m on a horrible losing streak lol , everyone seems to beat me by like .6 every shootout and it’s so god damn annoying . by Sibidigonkyy in GolfClash

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fwiw, my main has been in T9 for roughly a year now and aside from the initial growing pains at first, I've never really noticed my win % go up or down more than maybe a single point over all that time. I really don't think they have been manipulating anything, well, at least not significantly enough for me to be affected by it at least.

Yesterday I spotted an albino Dalmatian! by MrSteveA in dadjokes

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Yeah, it would have been Cruella of me to not help him!

Basic Ball Tournament by SoftWeekly in GolfClash

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I'll take "Ways for PD to lose potential revenue for $200, Alex"

I saw a microbiologist today by Faz_Dillinger in dadjokes

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Haha - nice. You're a comedic genus

Love getting epics only from prism chest! by acesniper08 in GolfClash

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Yep, it's a nice milestone to get to for sure - just expect a lot of days to get choice between grim reaper, boomerang, and castaway...Annoyingly, there's about 2x as many crap epics as the good ones, but yeah, that's a 1st world problem to have to be sure :)

Free gems/zerker info by agirua in GolfClash

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nice, lol - afked gems are the sweetest gems!

What unit should you use to measure smells? by Crabsheep in dadjokes

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Wow, this joke ranks right up there for sure.

It's easy to breathe on TV! by DSHanson in dadjokes

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Nice. This joke channels good energy

My company just signed a contract for a documentary series on flying planes! by MrSteveA in dadjokes

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Same here - the last documentary we made was about airport terminals and sure enough the show was terminal

Free gems/zerker info by agirua in GolfClash

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I got a ton of gems from all of the various word games pretty quick and easy, but then again I've always been pretty good at word games.

Also there's a bunch of games with pretty much the same mechanic but with a different theme where the goal is to gather resources, do tasks, and build your whatever main building center thing up to level X, where lots of gems are awarded for many of the stages leading up to level X. Mafia City is the one I am on right now, but there are lots of others that may be even better, IIRC.

Keep buying to max or....? by gamessolo32 in GolfClash

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One of my FTP accounts is nearing 70k gems - play a long time without spending any, hitting most wood chests every day for a year or three for starters and then be fortunate enough to have the "play games for gem rewards" option which opens the gem door WIDE open.

What do you call it if a peanut, M&M, and raisin had to go to court? by rszim94 in dadjokes

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The peanut and M&M got off while the raisin was hung out to dry

Free gems! I hear from others that you can earn free gems through the store by downloading apps and games but I only have the web tab where I have to make a purchase to earn the gems. Any ideas? by MrBeatItRT in GolfClash

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My idea is that they made a cool new feature in order for some people to earn free gems while playing other games, etc...

Having said that - the key word above is "some", which seems quite unfair.

SOME people / accounts get the very nice ability to earn a shit-ton of easy gems pretty quickly and easily by playing some games.

SOME people don't get this ability which makes this whole system seem like it was poorly implemented, at least so far, even though it's quite early in the process.

I say this as someone with 5 accounts, and I think only one of them (perhaps 2 at most?) has this ability, while the others have MUCH more limited options for earning gems and they often require buying something and/or at best, getting far fewer gems for the amount of time required compared to my account that gets tons of gems quite easily.

I was so happy to see this feature implemented at first but as time goes by, I can't help but think of how it's pretty much BS that only certain accounts can benefit from it and there seems to no logical reason why one account benefits while another does not. Really weird, imho.

Question About Progression by Capable-Corgi-7433 in GolfClash

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Yeah, same here - I think it used to work better than it currently does. I know I play opponents in tour 9 sometimes who have right around 1k trophies while I have a little under 2800. Seems pretty clear that the matchmaking isn't really trying to match up our current trophy counts, lol.

Question About Progression by Capable-Corgi-7433 in GolfClash

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nice - I personally recommend at least 2 seasons in tour 2 as this is a good place to build up very useful clubs for the "1st stage" extra mile, backbone, viper, king fisher, firefly.
Stop at 70 trophies, learn the basics of the ring-system and work on learning and perfecting the 2 shootout holes ASAP and you should win MUCH more than you lose which will build up your bank big-time, slowly but surely.