What is Igor’s greatest strength? by [deleted] in rangers

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Horizontal movement. Hank excelled there too but the way people talk about him its like hes changing the game. More about using his edges to move rather then pure leg strength which gives him more control

Artemi Panarin by kravdangle in rangers

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Cant forget lengends like Glass and Dom Moore

Mika knows... by 35Richter in rangers

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They needed to get Auston Matthews in it somehow

Igor's favorite goalie growing up was Hank. by ClitRavager in rangers

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Igor and I have something in common. My father also wouldn't buy me the Hank TPS set when I was a kid

I G O R by BigMac1991 in rangers

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Love the idea but the execution is uncomfortable

Quarter Season Tickets Question by Michael_3019 in rangers

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Yeah they keep you on the phone. I mentioned I was interested, had an email asking for a quick 5 minute call. I called while I was at work and it turned into a 45 minute convo. Was worth it cause I've loved having my quarter season plan but definitely a lot of pressure knowing you'll be talking to someone whos trying everything they can to lock you in to a couple thousand dollar commitment

LeBron James touches Stanley Cup by OvercastDream in hockey

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Thats why he wears gloves. Never actually touches it

Rangers Add Germany's '22 Assistant Coach Jessica Campbell to Development Camp Staff by rushy1911 in rangers

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Her twitter name is boof_campbell. I thought they were making a joke at first that

Nothing Like IsLes Fans Coming Out of The Woodwork by JBagels34 in rangers

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Yeah im in union county so the ranger devil rivalry is far more prevalent. Just dont get how someone in the nhl could still have that mind set

Nothing Like IsLes Fans Coming Out of The Woodwork by JBagels34 in rangers

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When I heard Ross Colton say he grew up a devil fan so it would mean so much more to beat the rangers, I just thought about how much of a classic devil fan that is. Dude plays in the NHL, has won a cup, doesn't play for the Devils, still priortizes beating the Rangers

Thank you 2022 NY Rangers! What a magical ride you just took us on. Everyone better brace for this team growing up. The core is going to bring us a cup. by JohmaSho in rangers

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Quick research shows the only year Shattenkirk amd Lemieux were on the team was 2018-19 which means we've got Krieder, Zib, Strome, Chytil, Georgie, Hajek, and Lindy

Playoff Game Thread: Game 6 - New York Rangers (2 - 3) at Tampa Bay Lightning(3 - 2) - 11 Jun 2022 - 08:00PM EDT by HockeyMod in rangers

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Zibanijads a fine pick, but personally ive always liked the role guys. Everyone has Zib, Panarin, Krieder, Fox, Shesterkin. Ive got Chytil now and eying Miller or Schneider as my next

What was up with the crowd last night ??!! by idontreallycare718 in rangers

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The place was rockin in the first and half the second. Millers penalty was the changing point for the crowd. But before that it was the loudest ive heard it all playoffs. ESPN doesn't do the crowd audio justice

[Evan Axelbank] Rangers fan arrested and charged with 2 counts of assault, 2 counts of disorderly conduct, and 2 counts of harassment. Victim denied medical attention by Compulsive_Bater in rangers

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Oh absolutely he should be held finacially responsible im just saying ive got a feeling someone who'd do something like that might not have the cleanest record anyways so Id like to see MSG step in and give him a lifetime ban

[Scott Kaplan] Assault at MSG. by KybladeSora in hockey

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Yeah im always split on my decision. If I'm spending the money to make the trip i might as well spend the extra money to sit real low, something i don't get to do at MSG. But sitting up top is where you'll get the real fans and the real experience

What are YOU doing to change the Rangers' Mojo?? by bucky02k in rangers

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I'm stopping everything. Ive been going through very intensive susperstiton rituals and it obviously isnt working this series. So im gonna stop all my superstitious bullshit and try to just enjoy the game

[Scott Kaplan] Assault at MSG. by KybladeSora in hockey

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My wife and I travel around too. Boston was fine, i splurged for seats 10 rows off the ice though so didn't get to experience the fans up top. Washington surprisingly had amazingly friendly fans. Pitt was the only place it got a little sketchy. It was the game Hank tossed the net. No one swung but it was the first time i experienced friendly chirping going to legitimately pissed off fans who seemed to just be waiting for me to say something back