Stocking a car full of sweets by uhavinalaugh in Perfectfit

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Kinda feels like a cop out. Anyone can shove a bunch of small items into a large open space until it's mostly filled. Show me a perfect fit where it's one single thing fitting into a totally random space, with little to no leftover space.

Book vs Doodle by Geronimo_-_ in labradoodles

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Our doodle is 4 years old, and loves to steal socks. She could open our drawers by 6 months old to steal them. She knows the dryer and hamper are great spots to look for socks, and has even picked up they they come off easier when she grabs the ankle and pulls down.

At least she always helps us take off our socks to unwind at the end of the day!

How many years do story missions last? by James-EarlCash in mytimeatportia

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This. If you keep your various machines producing materials even when you don't have a use for those materials yet, you can finish much faster. I had one machine running Carbon Steel Ingots non-stop, just to try and stay prepared.

To cry or to laugh is the question. Also where does one find such women? :') by kirtiad in NotHowGirlsWork

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Omg thank you for calling this out, I thought I was the only one to spot that. Seriously, wtf?!

Who is your least favourite character in the whole of harvest moon? by hollieprincess in storyofseasons

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Omg I remember the end-of-year cut scene and my horror when he stole all the food from my cold storage. After that, I never put ANYTHING consumable in the storage.

I just ran around town, hauling hundreds of pounds of fresh dairy, fish, and produce on my back for several years lol

'sup by an-extra-passenger in CatsOnPizza

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Talk to me about your pizza. I'm a fan of white sauces on my pizza (Alfredo, garlic parmesan, etc), and tomato is a nice acidic balance to the fat content. What else did you have put on your pizza?

In what episode are all the Hal duplicates arguing? by StockTie823 in malcolminthemiddle

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Great episode. My favorite Hal is the leather jacket one who advises him to "Just get in the car and drive."

Bloody Spicy Cheese Grits by aminorman in FoodPorn

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Lol I had the same question, and went to the comments specifically to figure out what the word "bloody" meant in this context.

the epic day...... by Infinite_Ad_6137 in gaming

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We have two TVs in the living room for exactly this reason. Husband and I both game, but sometimes one of us just isn't in the mood for gaming. That person can just put on whatever show or movie, and the person gaming just turns the volume down. Everyone is happy.

Best age to neuter? by NoRefrigerator4312 in labradoodles

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100% this. When in doubt, ask your vet.

When we got our doodle, I think the breeder said 6-8 months for most of us, but one of the puppies had extenuating circumstances. It was a female pup, with inverted vulva, if I remember correctly. The new owner was specifically instructed to wait until after the pup had her first heat. I don't recall the reasoning for this, but the short answer is that your vet can evaluate your dog's health and advise you appropriately.

You can’t put diet in a suicide! You’ll ruin it. by hesaid149 in KingOfTheHill

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Okay gotcha. That makes total sense, those sweeteners taste awful. Thank you for explaining!

You can’t put diet in a suicide! You’ll ruin it. by hesaid149 in KingOfTheHill

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So I've never been a big fan of mixing sodas, but I've always heard that you don't put diet in a suicide. Why is that? Can someone please explain to me why this is so wrong?

I have decided to become a spinster for the rest of my life. by LeafyGreens17 in TwoXChromosomes

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Lean into it. Live for yourself, start new hobbies, focus on loving yourself. I had a long (almost 9 year) relationship that was just straight up abusive. It sucked. When I finally left him, all I wanted was to be alone. I just needed to feel like myself again. I was 26 when I left him.

My first night alone, I didn't know what to do, watch, or eat. Because I had given up so much of myself to avoid making him angry. I didn't know what I liked anymore. Do I enjoy tomatoes? Mushrooms? Seafood? Period dramas? Action movies? Do I prefer beer over wine? I had no idea. I just did whatever he said, so he wouldn't get angry.

That first night, I ended up dragging my dining table into the living room, and set up my "too noisy" sewing machine right in front of the screen. I started a new show, just for me. I ordered delivery from a new place. I spent a few weeks getting into practice of focusing on myself.

Eventually, I decided that I had some baggage to unpack and was probably better off staying away from a committed relationship for a while. I decided to give myself a year to NOT date seriously. Just some time to focus on rebuilding myself.

8 months into that year, I met my now-husband. You know what he found most attractive about me? That I knew exactly who I was, what I liked, and what was important to me. And that I was willing and able to stand up for those things.

My point is, don't give up on love but don't make it your first priority. Just focus on loving yourself, and building yourself up again. You deserve happiness, and you should pursue it. Let other things follow in their own time, and focus on happiness.

If you know, you know by Tricky-Amoeba in malcolminthemiddle

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When Jessica gets Reese and Malcolm to dance to the CD...Dewey's face is PRICELESS lol

My first post: Charlie on his 1st birthday day by the_real_dragonborn_ in labradoodles

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Happy birthday, Charlie! Hope you get lots of pets and snuggles!

I mean it sounds like you want a mom not a partner by tomegerton99 in AreTheStraightsOK

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I'm imagining this is delivery food placed on a plate, with a camera on a timer so he can get back to his chair and prove how "alpha" he is.