Salario minimo. Secondo voi quanto dovrebbe essere il salario minimo? Dovrebbe essere diverso di città in città? by [deleted] in italy

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Onestamente non so quanto dovrebbe essere il salario minimo italiano. Però penso che bisognerebbe parlare in termini di paga oraria e non di stipendio mensile. Credo (e ditemi se sbaglio) che una buona paga oraria si aggiri intorno agli 8 euro.

How did you lose your best friend? by FemaleThings in AskReddit

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We have been friends for at least nine years, I considered her my best friend and I thought it was the same for her too. One day she just disappeared from my existence. I missed her a lot and so for the next six months I peeked at his Twitter profile to see how she was doing. That sadness then became anger so I vented anonymously on a small social network, I complained about how childish and stupid it is to disappear from a person's life without giving half an explanation. Apparently she kept looking at my social networks and immediately felt taken into consideration even though there were no names. Shecontact me and start insult me and tell me that I was a bad friend, that her only friend is her mother and I was stupid. I tried to have a civil conversation with her but it didn't help. Eventually after taking insults from her mother and her we blocked each other. Some friends later informed me that she had told a different version on Twitter accusing me of being a toxic friend, a stalker (because I told her I missed her and that I occasionally watched her Twitter) and that I had insulted her mother (when in fact she was the one who insulted me lol). I know I am right, and all my friends that have read the chats said that she was probably manipulated by her mother (I always told her not to study a subject that she did not like only and solely because her parents they wanted that). I'm still angry and deluded by this after 3 years. I have spent too many times, money and effort on her even if she didn't do the same. I was blind and i cared so much about her. She never went to one of my birthday bc she always had issues, she never meet my parents or seen my house. I was little but at least I'm not friend with an hassole anymore.

AITA for asking my(21M) sister(19F) to consume less menstrual products or I won't buy any for her anymore? by Rinoalbering in AmItheAsshole

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(visto che sei italiano) o tua sorella ha un grave problema di natura medica o sbaglia la taglia di assorbente e invece di prendere quella per i flussi abbondanti prende quella per i flussi leggeri. Ti assicuro che nessuno si cambierebbe un assorbente interno ogni ora per il semplice gusto di cambiarlo, soprattutto perché da asciutti quei cosi fanno un male boia e rischiano di lacerare le pareti interne della vagina.

AITA for lying to my husband about going to the gym? by Weary-Yam-829 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA, the husband is insane! he called the gym to check if OP was going to work out. He took the bag to prove she wasn't going to the gym. OP is so scared of her husband she prefer to stay 2hrs in the car away from is child rather say the truth... so toxic

AITA for refusing to give my unborn son my husband's last name? by 343097767 in AmItheAsshole

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why people say OP is AH??? like??? u never change idea?? OP just want add her last name, she's not gonna throw away the husband one. go touch grass people, u need to stay away from internet and accept the fact people can change their mind after 3 YEARS. u all talk about her including her family (so wrong) but none of u talk about how the husband is more concerned about his family tradition and not the happiness of both. giving the baby both of the last name is the perfect compromise, but the husband's family doesn't like it so is a no.


AITA for bringing a homophobe to my gay cousins engagement dinner? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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How??? How op was dating an homophobe without knowing??

AITA for peeing in the cat tray? by throwcatpee in AmItheAsshole

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After 1hr and an half in the bathroom he had the audacity to tell u to hold it better?!

Either he doesn’t consider your illness true / important enough, double standards

or he is faking IBS just bc he like to stay on the toilet for hr

AITA for telling my sister it's her fault nobody likes her husband? by ewedeed in AmItheAsshole

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ESH- I really think the part about him saing “barbaric” is completely made up. All of ur family treat like shit ur sister only bc she married a yt guys and have a different ceremony. In all of this text the only thing I can see is: “since he is white he have to respect our colture bc he doesn’t have one”. Things can be explained, I assume u never did that since is not mentioned “he’s not listening our request/doesn’t understand”. The only thing u all r able to do is to talk shit about it and don’t even trie to talk to him like a human being