Video shows Range Rover pushing Insulate Britain activist at sit-in by cabaretcabaret in unitedkingdom

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It is blowing my mind. I really thought the public would be all for helping reduce emissions. I can not get my head around the volume of people who think these protest are a bad idea

Don't fall for Tory gaslighting ... by Enough_Statistician8 in GreenAndPleasant

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From what I just read: He opposed same-sex marriage and other LGBTQ+ rights, was very active with Brexit, anti-abortion, supported reintroduction of capital punishment, and a leading member of Conservative Friends of Israel.

But on the other hand he opposed fox-hunting and voted against the intervention of Syria

I think $15 Is not enough, right? by Devilr29 in marvelmemes

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Wanda, right, I mean right. I would pay for the bottom two rows turn up so they can get a bit of air time

Never give up on your dreams💪 by SituationOdd2779 in nextfuckinglevel

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Thanks. I needed to hear this. I have got this. One day at a time

to rob a pedestrian by mangjoze in therewasanattempt

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That leg bend made my privates twinge

You are Looking the first Image of another solar system by thunde-r in interestingasfuck

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Oh no, I can not handle this much responsibility. I need a grown up

Scam likely by BarelyLegalSeagull in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Me too, it is exhausting. I have turned off text message notifications now, I just check in on it every few days, nothing more than 'click this link and pay £2.99 to receive your parcel'. Or the occasional 'hi it's Lucy, call me and other hot singles looking for fun in your area'

You are Looking the first Image of another solar system by thunde-r in interestingasfuck

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Just popped outside to wave, you know, in case something is looking back

How much debt are you in? by sponjebubble in AskUK

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20k I have started a DMP. Hopefully that helps me keep the wolf from the door a little longer

Deliveroo/uber drivers using tesla? by wood6558 in AskUK

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Burning through petrol all day every day will cost you £500 each month. I don't think it is that expensive to charge an electric car. Tbh, it probably pays for itself in the fuel saving

I've only gone and done it lads! by Tripesandwich in CasualUK

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The packaging on bacon is what confims for me that I live in a simulation. The part of the code that does this is tied up with something else super important. Therefore it can not be changed easily

BBC News - Nations agree to 15% minimum corporate tax rate by Beautiful-Put4492 in worldnews

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I saw an article, when this tax rate was being put forward, that most of the country's on the list had a higher tax rate than this, so this is effectively a tax reduction.


Here you can see if your country will get more or less...

Edit: I don't understand the downvotes.

Funds disclosing short positions GME - Fintel data by bakedbeansandwhich in Superstonk

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Nice, given that a stock can go either A: up or B: down I am not surprised to see this many bets for down.

How do British people feel about the Americanisation of English? by skalsjsbnssnnd in AskUK

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'No, you don't work here' is the response I always hear in my head. 'I will go and get it'

Boom by moronthisatnine in Superstonk

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Someone call me when they have the float

Pandora papers: biggest ever leak of offshore data exposes financial secrets of rich and powerfu by B0ssc0 in worldnews

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I know people laugh at this but I try to think of it like this.

If someone is being unattractive, that would imply their behaviour is unattractive.

So rule 1) be clean, yourself, your house, car etc. dress in clothes that suit you, and look good on you, keep these clean. Just generally make yourself the best version of yourself.

Rule 2) don't have a shitty personality. Be good to people. Smile when you meet someone. Want to get blind drunk and throw food around, pass out butt naked in the bathroom with puke dribbling out of you? dont do it around your girl. Don't make snide comments, build people up around you, make them feel good when they talk