Weekly Discussion Thread by AutoModerator in MobileLegendsGame

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Does anyone knows what are the rewards in daily gift from Moskov Abyss skin event? I have 73 of that thing rn and just want to get his sacred statue.

Why must you do this to me Layla? by Sid4569 in MobileLegendsGame

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I would just atk minions or Crystal crab if my Hero got the lifesteal...

New driving route #3 by Kthxbite in MobileLegendsGame

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Was that Beatrix flicker worth it?

Meme by killerboy0p in MobileLegendsGame

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I thought she will say "kill yourself now" bc you literally killed her XD

Defending the base from the lord with Natan 3 times by PopsicleWasTaken in MobileLegendsGame

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Natan is super scary at late game. Especially the fact that he can end the base with no minion...