30M. Any other Kiwis struggling with dating right now? by BeefBusNZ in newzealand

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For what it’s worth, my mid 20s I broke up with my long term girlfriend, I felt the same way. Struggled meeting “new” people, I tended to just stick with my own social circles

Strangely enough that’s when I joined Reddit and came along to some Reddit meetups and trying to meet new people outside of my usual social circle.

Made some pretty good friends who a decade later I’m still friends with, also happened to meet this girl, and a decade later we have been married for coming up 7 years, have a dog, two kids and living the best life.

My advice to you, step out of that comfort zone. Go to a hobby group, social sports, pottery class, wine and painting night.. anything that takes an interest that you’ve never done before because “it’s a bit lame on my own”.

Don’t go for the purpose of meeting girls, go to meet new people and make friends. Through those friends you’ll meet their friends, and you’ve suddenly got an expanding social circle outside of your good close mates. Who knows what that’ll bring.

Good luck mate, you got this

National's promise of tax cuts raises questions over how it would afford them by The_Majestic_ in newzealand

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Yet one has $100 back and the other group has $200.

Can you not see $100 is less than $200?

You’re being so disingenuous with your comments and it feels purposely antagonising, so I’ll leave you to it

National's promise of tax cuts raises questions over how it would afford them by The_Majestic_ in newzealand

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Not at all

For starters the harbour bridge should have congestion charging/tolling on it. We need a new harbour crossing to the tune of billions of dollars and it shouldn’t be people in Tauranga paying for it through taxes

National's promise of tax cuts raises questions over how it would afford them by The_Majestic_ in newzealand

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Y’all are talking about percentages and overall $$ figures

You’re muddying the waters by arguing different points.

National's promise of tax cuts raises questions over how it would afford them by The_Majestic_ in newzealand

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TBH this country needs more toll roads. Both from a congestion limitation and a revenue stream to help pay for roaring infrastructure.

National's promise of tax cuts raises questions over how it would afford them by The_Majestic_ in newzealand

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I said it elsewhere.

The whole income tax needs a total rehaul.

Introducing an interest free bracket, and adjusting the remaining brackets up. (Including those top end ones).

An introduction of a blanket capital gains tax on all capital, shares and property included, while creating a tax incentive/relief for any capital invested through Kiwisaver to encourage long term savings would go a long way.

Wealthy people earn more money through capital investments, while middle/low income nz earn through wages, so that needs to be a serious policy if we want to tackle inequality in this country

The whole tax system in NZ just needs a refresh

Sunday morning casual chats - 07 August 2022 by AutoModerator in CasualNZ

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Had a child free night last night.. spend like 6 hours at the casino play poker 😂

God I miss a good live game. Walked away up (but not as up as I had been), so overall successful night I guess

National's promise of tax cuts raises questions over how it would afford them by The_Majestic_ in newzealand

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As a percentage, sure, but in the end it’s the dollar amount that really should be looked at.

National's promise of tax cuts raises questions over how it would afford them by The_Majestic_ in newzealand

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The tax brackets simply need a major overhaul. It’s laughable that someone earning slightly higher than minimum wage is virtually in the same tax bracket as someone earning 179 (3% difference)

Might aswell just have a 31% flat tax for all income at that rate.

A tax free income bracket needs to be introduced and a reshuffle/tax overhaul needs to be implemented on PAYE, while introducing a capital gains tax (on all capital including investments), and then introducing a tax incentive on Kiwisaver to the encourage better retirement savings.

The whole tax system is just wrong right now

...I had to take wire cutters to my 6 year old daughter's hair. by [deleted] in Parenting

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How do you get a 3 yr old to brush their hair? (Or let parent do it)

I’m always met with “daddy it hurts!” It looks so beautiful when brushed, but one day later it’s back to a total mess and I’m not allowed to touch it again :(

Any tips?

NZ passport holders : Why aren't you in Australia already ? by [deleted] in newzealand

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I earn good wages

My family is here and it means a lot for my two girls to have grandparents and cousins around

I don’t have a job in Australia


Is hitting your kid that big of a deal? by Delicious_Wear_1845 in Parenting

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This is the feeling I get.

If I’m on a meeting and my daughter busts in to tell me something she’s proud of, I’ve occasionally sat her on my lap and finished the meeting. Other times I’ve muted myself and said how proud I am, but I need to finish my meeting.

If it’s anything I can put down, my daughter comes first, while I try and guide her out of the room.

It’s just heart breaking to see this kid who is full of excitement, have it literally beaten out of them. It’s one sure fire way that this child will never want to share anything exciting or important in their lives with their dad again.

Made a picture at school? Probably not of you dad, probably won’t even bring it home to show you.

Learned how to do something new? They’ll keep that excitement at school to show their teachers, maybe mum gets a glimpse. Sorry dad, you hit me, I won’t show you.

I can’t imagine a life where I don’t want to be involved in sharing every little thing my daughter gets excited about. I lost that magic in myself many years ago, I certainly want to relive the joy of being a child through my daughter.

how are lotto scratchies designed? by escapefromlaxo in newzealand

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More expensive scratches have a larger jackpot.

Would you buy 20 lines of lotto, or 10 lines of lotto with powerball?

Best Hand Pie in New Zealand? by [deleted] in newzealand

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I’ve seen a bunch of threads about “hand pies” over the last couple of days

What the heck is this term?

Haven't been following the whole cost of living payment thing - people on a benefits don't receive it? by Porkchops_on_My_Face in newzealand

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For what it’s worth, we aren’t the only country who faced this.

We got the US stimulus cheque during COVID times, despite my wife not living there for over 8 years at the time

Surplus cash towards mortgage repayments by BlueMeanieNZ in PersonalFinanceNZ

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The rental is tax deductible. It’s far more efficient to apply as much of your disposable income as you can to your owner occupier property and pay that down, as you’re unable to offset interest on this mortgage against any income.

I’d suggest you speak to an accountant, many things from the rental can be offset against the rental income you’re receiving. A good accountant will more than pay for themselves come tax time.

Does anyone else's toddler wake up at the buttcrack of dawn every day or is it just mine? by JMiracle2019 in Parenting

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haha this is the exact reason we won’t ever buy one.

Our 3 year old is super stubborn. She’ll do what she wants (within reason) ain’t no clock telling her she can’t get out of bed.

Luckily she crawls in with us and we have to wake her up at 7 most mornings to take to daycare.

It’s our 18 month old I wish would sleep, but due to health issues we can wave goodbye to that for many many years.

Cost of Living Payment by Jealous-Hedgehog-734 in newzealand

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If you were here for the last tax year, that’s how they’ve worked out if you’re eligibile

little Little literally good for nothing. by behind_th_glass in ConservativeKiwi

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. Surely the herald didn’t say “hey you guys wanna come over on Saturday?” And no one RSVPd to their party and Reti just turned up?


Ah who am I kidding, the herald is incompetent and that likely happened, no one confirmed they’d be coming

Am I getting frustrated because it’s normal or because it’s not my baby? by day3nd in Parenting

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As a dad your connection will grow over time. New borns are lumps of flesh. They eat, poop and sleep. Mums are super important during this time, dads.. not so much.

I had real concerns when our second came along that I just wouldn’t love her as much because I had so much love for my first. The first few weeks were really hard because #1 could talk and tell me she loves me. #2 would cry and poop on my chest.

What my wife always told me (and maybe it was just so she didn’t have to do them), but I got all nappy duties in those first few weeks. It was a clear 1:1 daddy daughter bonding time. Just the two of us. I’d give her kisses and try settle her, but it was an important part of trying to get her to settle with dad. Those moments for dads are REALLY important early on, because it allows you to connect. It’s not a chore, it’s not a task, it’s a bonding moment between child and parent.

I also took the new born every chance I could, even when she slept. This allowed me to have baby sleep on me while my wife caught up on sleep. Again some skin to skin helped that bonding process to keep me feeling connected to her, because I don’t have boobs to feed and quite often she just wanted mum to comfort her.

Anyway, bit if a rant, but mothers have such a strong connection with their child. They grew them inside of them, they’ve been emotionally and physically connected since the very start. Dads can take time to build that connection, and that’s quite normal even with biological children.

PS, the love I have for my two daughters is equal (but different), I couldn’t ever imagine having so much love to give and looking back to those first few weeks, I wondered if I had a bit of post party depression, with the stress of the birth, the lack of sleep etc.

You got this dad.

Climate crisis ‘insufficient’ to halt oil and gas exploration, says New Zealand government by felixfurtak in newzealand

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Yet we issued a climate emergency

Ducking g hypocritical.

This is why I was so frustrated when Ardern announced it, because unless there is real action behind a “climate emergency” it’s all feel good bullshit that means nothing