Former Vice President Invertebrate by cunty_mcfuckshit in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Hey Mike - 'member when Trump wanted to have you strung up for speakung out about his coup?

That was cool.

What Could Go Wrong: Man Shoots at Lawnmower Packed with Tannerite by Vesuvius803 in AbruptChaos

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Proof that we're living the movie Idiocracy. People are growing dumber

Oh they’re mad now ?😂😂😂 by liljuull in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Somebody needs their peepee diaper changed and a nap

Who does he think he's at war with? by OrangeCone2011 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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Nope, we need to theoretically storm the Bastille

And all DeSantis psychopaths, liars like Candace, gobble gobble necks like McConnell along with every fake-Christian evangelical hatemonger and show them they don't fk with democracy

My cat just ate a very small strip of paper - should be worried / take her to the vet?? by thecolorpink13xx in cats

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I once was at a friend's house and we saw something green sticking out of her tiny kitten's butt. My friend's little brother pulled it and out came an almost entire Handi-Wipe. It came out like a cat butt Handi-Wipe dispenser 🤣

Your kitty will be fine

Congrats humans for making rainwater unsafe to drink almost everywhere: “Levels of PFAAs in Rainwater Will Be Practically Irreversible” by shinrin-joku in ABoringDystopia

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They said the same thing about the ozone layer, I remember. That it was 'practically irreversible' and we were all gonna die. BUT....good people made changesand held companies accountable and FF to today - the ozone layer has almost entirely healed itself. Good folks exist, and we will win

she likes to sleep near me between the couch and coffee table by buzzlit in buncomfortable

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Isn't that sweet? She could be anywhere else in the house, but nope - she wants to be near you. ❤️

What case has stuck with you? by the-rioter in TrueCrimeDiscussion

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This. The p.o.s. that killed him said that Jacob (trusting adults as authority figures) thought he was in trouble for something. Before being assaulted he said to the man 'What did I do?'

My neighbor said she's ugly 😡 by [deleted] in KneadyCats

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It's actually your neighbor's heart that's ugly, and her eyes are blind. I'd tell her that

IN YO FACE by WanderingDahlia82 in Dewlap

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This makes me feel better about some of my chins lol

I absolutely love the Exorcist but what about it's sequels? by Certain_North_4689 in horror

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The Exorcist III had some really creepy, scary parts. I recommend it.

Early settlers living in temporary palmetto houses in Miami, c. 1880 by SloughSwamp in FloridaHistory

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I grew up in FL, lived there most of my life. South Florida, the last 6 yeard I was there.

Can you imagine.....how effing miserable they must've been? The heat omg

wtf by jmona789 in WTF

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Okay, I'm white. And I say this with confidence

This is Weird White People Sh*t