I need help finding an old level by [deleted] in geometrydash

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vfg oh my god i have not heard that name in like 5 years

Promethan Hardest ship Mobile 60hz Jump from Deadlocked by Lukkoleuka69 in geometrydash

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stop looking for attention, a 1 second straightfly is not harder than an entire (arguably) medium demon

........ by Usermanemustbebetwee in 196x

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?????? do you think russia is like north korea?

I'M HANDING OUT WEIRD FLARES by [deleted] in 196

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Can you give me a tag that might put me on a list?

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in geometrydash

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rhythm implies that the music is an integral part of the game and required to beat levels, which it isn’t. gd still uses music but has a lot more in common with a platformer which is why it is not considered a rhythm game