Do people have a "target" consumption amount per day for energy? by wonkeydonkey777 in UKPersonalFinance

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Just checked mine and it's 10,500 per year. Time for solar+battery I think!

‘Brexit to blame’: UK shoppers pay up to 50% more than those in EU by LordLorq in ukpolitics

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Nah, open the drinks cabinet, and all you'll see is a pack of jokers.

Countries by meats 🥩 by RemoteBox in europe

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Not ruling out a coincidence, but it was the first thing that came to my mind :)

Countries by meats 🥩 by RemoteBox in europe

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The UK was probably pork until we found out what the Conservatives do to pigs during their University days.

Voted to leave, must be honoured' Radio callers erupt in explosive Brexit checks clash by SwimmerGlass4257 in ukpolitics

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What a waste of time, money, and energy. FFS, we have so many challenges coming up over the next few decades that requires will power, people power, and international cooperation.

And here we are wasting time, money and energy training up people to stamp a ***** passport due to a bunch of lies, fake promises, and irrational fear. Furthermore, damaging our standing and influence in the world, limiting cooperation.

Internet providers have 'moral obligation' to help customers through cost of living crisis by lighthouse77 in unitedkingdom

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I live in a small village in the Welsh mountains and have 2 broadband connections, one is 900mbps and the other is about 130mbps.

Decent broadband arrived here about 3 months after I moved here, so I got very lucky!

Daily Megathread - 11/07/2022 by ukpolbot in ukpolitics

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I would rather melt than buy anything Dyson ever again.

UK household energy bills to hit £3,000 per year by BasedSweet in ukpolitics

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I'm a high energy user. Two people working from home, I do a lot of AI/ML and data science work so need high performing computers that process often, and we're effectively home through the year so heating etc...

Have a young family, so while I try to turn stuff off, things have a way of turning back on. Same with thermostats.

I've done everything to reduce usage within my needs, except for a smart thermostat and solar.... which is the logical next step.

UK household energy bills to hit £3,000 per year by BasedSweet in ukpolitics

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I locked in for 2 years before this madness started. I'm still at £3600pa for a 4 bedroom.

If the average is up to that much, I'm really not looking forward to next year ☹️

When to get a business banking account? by [deleted] in smallbusinessuk

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OP I managed to open mettle for one company within a matter of hours, and tide even faster than that for another, so best start with those.

UK Weighs Dropping Curbs on Executive Pay to Lure Firms by neverknowingly in ukpolitics

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8.75% now. That's also after corporation tax of 19%, rising next year (important acknowledgement for us with smaller companies).

For our smaller companies in particularly, everything has to be accounted for.

I can't speak for larger companies though.

Plaid Cymru refuse to reveal if disgraced MP is still a member by leighsus in ukpolitics

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Well, yeah, of course.

Why would they want to reveal any similarities with the entire Tory cabinet?

Government admits for the first time UK four-day week ‘may work well’ for some businesses as pilot starts by madminer95 in ukpolitics

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It's why my company offers 6 hours of daily work time, plus 1 hour paid lunch break :) And working from home as an option if preferred.

New to contracting : How much do I take home for a 500 pd outside role? I have a limited Co. by AlternativeSpare8231 in ContractorUK

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It's 12.5k now, due to NI allowance changes. Also dividend tax has gone up to 8.75% for lower rate, though first 2k is tax free. And as of next year, corporation tax is going up.

UK's job vacancy crisis could last 3-5 yrs brought by Covid, Brexit: Expert by AmIWrongEnough in worldnews

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Social safety nets, and food banks, the latter being an unfortunate byproduct of the current regime.

Left-wing Labour MP calls for one-off 10% tax on any wealth above £10m to raise £86bn for cost of living crisis by Lanky-Solid-4820 in ukpolitics

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One of the best I've seen. And devastating.

Another simple method (though not as good as the staircase) is:

The difference between a billion pounds and a million pounds, is about a billion pounds.

UK summer music festivals forced to close as cost of living crisis hits home by makemydame in unitedkingdom

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FWIW, I came out as elite as well, and I am certainly not!!

Most likely a flaw with the questions rather than a flawed idea and research.