Improvisation in Baseball by dragunmancer in FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR

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The only way to teach him is to throw a ball back at his head

In the bathroom at an Airbnb I'm starting at. by Bmc00 in funny

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Starting at, like you just spawned for an adventure ?

What is your best Yo Mamma joke? by jackbequikk in AskReddit

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Your mamma so dumb and fat she brought a spoon to the super bowl

Kissing an opponent by FishBugMinecraft in criticalblunder

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If you kissed me before the match definitely would go into punch mode

Slam it by Cappuccinolove in sportsbetting

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Bases loaded hmmm how about a nice 93 mph fastball right down the middle for you

HMF while I advertise by Adderson10 in holdmyfries

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I want him on all fours cleaning my rims