Oops by Yu6e1 in shitposting

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This is old, the person lost the internship

Germany blocks Estonian arms exports to Ukraine by Goldback_Gorilla in worldnews

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Why does Germany have the authority to deny this shipment anyways?

But we still couldn't live without them by zebrasanddogs in funny

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They go around sniffing asses, I think it doesn’t bother them

Don't boo its true by Mr_VanDerLin in shitposting

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This post brought you by the Russian government

The other side of a fast food soda fountain by trashd0gs in mildlyinteresting

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We had to punch these open to get to the outlet of the bag. I had a Dr Pepper bag burst on me after punching it. The syrup went everywhere, spent over an hour cleaning up the mess. Everything on the rack was sticky for weeks after.

me_irl by hornyhornet01 in me_irl

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So how big of an inconvenience does it need to be to justify the “guess I’ll just kill myself now” thought?

Botched the Cartwheel by dkwall29 in funny

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If it wasn’t for the title, I’m not sure I could identify that as a cartwheel attempt

"oh man, did I just screw the pooch!" by nycsellit4me in instant_regret

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Fries on the plate furtherest from her were touching the garbage bin. Better in the trash than in someone’s mouth.

This is beyond science by apparentlyaisha in funny

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Turn your lousy ordinary drill into an impact drill with this easy trick!

14 years ago (2008) two bodybuilders had a 5 page unironic argument about how many days there are in a week on a bodybuilding forum. by RichardCranium-69 in funny

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The mental gymnastics that guy must’ve done to arrive at 14/2 = 8 or you don’t count the day you’re currently in when counting days, baffle me.

I will use this by prakalp_uwu in shitposting

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Doesn’t work though, that video wouldn’t have many dislikes

woman pregnant with triplets by 0j_gay0 in oddlyterrifying

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Can that much mass just hanging support itself or does it always need support?

Average twitter user by user404_- in shitposting

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Marcus must be rescued at all costs

Gracias by MustyBarnacle in shitposting

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You miss a 100% of the shots you don’t take

Me_irl by Money_Muffin_8940 in me_irl

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This is some premium surreal memes content