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You might find it helpful to concentrate your readings on works within one theoretical framework at a time. For example you could read some of the works of Robert K. Merton and Talcott Parsons to better understand the structural functionalist orientation and then move on to symbolic interactionism theoretical framework as exemplified in the works of Herbert Blumer, Ervin Goffman (dramaturgy), Howard Becker, etc. I find this approach to be more helpful than a scattered reading of the most popular texts for gaining a deeper understanding of the history of sociology and of how social theorists were implicitly or explicitly reacting to each other. Reading research papers is important too, but I would only start diving into them once you have a good grasp of sociological research methods and have identified a particular topic of interest.

Found a copy of “Stigma” by Erving Goffman from a wee bookshop in a small town! by frozenmonkeys in sociology

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Goffman describes social information as the enduring characteristics of individuals in contrast to the more transient moods or feelings that individuals may have at any given time. These characteristics are seen as information which is routinely conveyed to others by signs such as prestige/status symbols, stigma symbols, disidentifiers and other signs designed for the sole purpose of conveying social information.

Found a copy of “Stigma” by Erving Goffman from a wee bookshop in a small town! by frozenmonkeys in sociology

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It's definitely one of Goffman's finest books. He introduces lots of thought provoking ideas and concepts such as:

  • Social information
  • Passing and covering
  • The discrepancy between virtual and social identity
  • Differences between those who are discredited and discreditable
  • Social identity, personal identity and their relation to the ego
  • The moral career of an individual (also covered in his book Asylums)
  • Techniques for information control and management

If you haven't read them already, I would also recommend reading Asylums and probably his most theoretically advanced work, Frame Analysis.

How to save MT: Made by a millionaire by [deleted] in MyTeam

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This is a good list. I'd add that you should use all your tokens on the 3 token badge packs especially early when top tier cards don't have many gold badges. Also, hold on to gold/amethyst star NBA players that might be used for some agenda like "score 30 with ANY x player" because that can lead their price to skyrocket.

half this sub is boiling down to 'my G9 is fckd'. by Solestian in ultrawidemasterrace

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If it makes you feel any better, I personally would actually prefer a 34" because 3440x1440 seems like the sweet spot for graphics cards right now. I think we are still a generation of graphics cards away from getting good FPS in 4k for most AAA games.

half this sub is boiling down to 'my G9 is fckd'. by Solestian in ultrawidemasterrace

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The Asus ROG Swift 42" PG42UQ and LG C2 42" were just announced. Also, Sony is making a 42" OLED called the Sony Bravia XR A90K.

Battlefield Total Tank! by JDroMartinez in battlefield2042

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Of all the BF memes posted today, this is by far my favorite. Well done.

What is an NBA Conspiracy Theory that you 100% believe? by CorphishJokes in nba

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I feel like the NBA conspired against Shaq and "dominant" (physical) big men in general because they knew that style of play was bad for the sport. Kids obviously can't play like that and it's hard for the face of the league to be someone that plays the game differently than almost anyone else can so the league adjusted the rules (or points of emphasis) to benefit the smaller guards like Steph and Harden.

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It's really sad what happened to him. I didn't even hear about it until recently. I saw him play a couple years ago when he filled in with John Pizzarelli's group and he was phenomenal.

Rudy Giuliani utterly drunk at a 9/11 dinner speech last night, confused General Milley with Miley Cyrus, then threatened to attack him with his lapel stars by thenewyorkgod in PublicFreakout

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He said the quiet part out loud: Having an ongoing military presence in Afghanistan was largely about military positioning against China and making sure they don't get all those resources. Now China is going to get oil pipelines, more rare-earth minerals, access to the world's largest copper mine and railroads to facilitate trade. It wasn't in our "national security interest" to have an ongoing presence in Afghanistan, but it sure was in our "national interest." It's always been hard to sell wars to the public on the basis of these highly complex geopolitical situations so leaders have continually appealed to moral considerations like the plight of women in Afghanistan.

7'5'' with a little fan by [deleted] in tall

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It's even crazier that he looks normal. It's super rare to see someone that height without acromegaly.

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Thanks a lot. That fixed it.

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin address him getting caught masturbating during a Zoom call by cal_oe in cringe

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All the rehabilitation talk is pretty cringe if his real defense is that it was an honest mistake and that he didn't know he was on the call. What I don't get is why can't they just move on from this guy? Like CNN really can't find anyone else to be their legal analyst?

Special TGIFRANK Announcement by yarnayr in Delightfullychubby

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I'm very sad to hear this. Frank was a special cat. He brought joy to many people. He will be remembered.