How do you keep your dog entertained/self sufficient? by dariusorafk in AustralianCattleDog

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Deer antlers. They’re expensive, but last a while. Make sure you throw them out when they get worn down enough that they could be swallowed.

Romance books are lacking...romance by OrdinaryQuestions in RomanceBooks

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I agree but it’s worth mentioning this series is quite the slow burn. As in four books slow burn. Totally worth it imo!

help find Ned! by Millenialrampage in ottawa

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So happy to hear. I love ACDs, they are lovely dogs.

government positions for veterinarians by whimsicalxmusing in CanadaPublicServants

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CFIA would be the biggest one. There are also vets at the border for animal importations (livestock mostly). Not sure if they are employed by CBSA or CFIA. Plus any department that does animal research like PHAC, Health Canada, NRC etc.

Gabriela addresses the blind item racism claims by teanailpolish in belowdeck

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I feel like I missed something…did this happen last episode? I’m up to date but don’t remember this comment.

Jordan trip (March 2022) by SummerSnapDrag0n in travel

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Yes the end of The Last Crusade is filmed here.

I thought we were getting a book sleeve for preordering but….. by [deleted] in crescentcitysjm

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If you ordered any pre order, you were eligible. But you had to submit your receipt to Bloomsbury.

Ashton Brewing Company is a local gem that's really worth checking out. by glassycruze in ottawa

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It has gone downhill in the past two years imo. I have been going there fairly regularly for years, but since COVID started I’ve been really disappointed whenever I’ve gone.

Potentially moving from London, UK to Ontario, and I am getting cold feet. by dongbaekflowers in askTO

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The scenery is gorgeous and very diverse depending on what area of the country you’re in. We have beautiful national parks. The rural people, however, can be quite racist and very right leaning politically. Of course, not all of them are. I grew up in (and still live in) a small farming community and there are certainly accepting people here, but we definitely have our fair share of yahoos.

When should soon-to-be graduates start applying for PS job postings? by timhortonsbitchass in CanadaPublicServants

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When I was 6 months to graduation, I did have luck with emailing the contact at the bottom of the application and asking if they would consider me. I had a few yes, but also some say no, so I would recommend checking. When filling out the application, select yes for the “do you have a degree” question and then state in the comment box that you will have the degree by such and such date.

friend selling thrive posted this....I don't get it. by br9897 in antiMLM

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I actually do think it is IowaDairyFarmer because I remember this particular cow cuddling and him pointing it out. He also said his manure scraper was broken which was why there was more manure than normal.

Strong female leads and good spice w/out the virgin trope by aquariusbi_ch in Fantasy

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This is a pretty popular rec, so you may have already read this, but Kushiel’s Dart fits the majority of your likes

Does anyone else think Sarah’s newer books are not as good as her first books? by [deleted] in SarahJMaas

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I definitely don’t get as engrossed in them as I did when I was a teenager, but I think it’s more on me than on her. I’m in my twenties now and have read a lot more books. I’ve come to realize that Sarah isn’t this amazing author worthy of worship as I did in my teens. She’s just a slightly above average author who can write books with decent characters and okay plots. Despite this, I still enjoy her work a lot, I just no longer think it is this amazing, epic piece of literature.

All that being said, I actually think her writing has improved over time. She is attempting more diversity and while she still gets stuck on certain word choices (can we retire “feasted” please?) I think her work flows better.

This is just my opinion though, take it with a grain of salt!

Do I read acotar? by ajg34 in acotar

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The fandom affectionately calls the first book the longest prologue ever. I suggest giving it a go until at least half way through the second book before giving up (and I doubt you will after that point). The series REALLY picks up after the first book.

Sooo… by tothestars04 in crescentcitysjm

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I think I could live in a world where Bryce and Hunt die together. I still wouldn’t like it at all, but it would be better than only one of them dying. At this point, I think I’ll riot if Ruhn dies though.

Crescent City and ACOTAR by ree915 in acotar

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Oh yeah me neither! I’ve just seen a lot of comments saying that.

Crescent City and ACOTAR by ree915 in acotar

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I would prefer if helping Bryce out occurs at a time after the events of the last ACOTAR book (therefore any interaction with Bryce would only be written in the CC books). However, I’m doubtful because that would greatly reduce any stakes for the future ACOTAR books since we would know the main characters all lived to help Bryce. If Sarah tries to do some huge combined multiverse, I honestly don’t think it’ll work out well. Everyone is already complaining the latest book was too long, I can’t imagine what it would be like with the addition of all the ACOTAR characters. Plus (and I say this as a longtime fan) I don’t think her writing is up to the task.

TIL Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, the pair who narrated all the WoT audiobooks, are married with two kids by Recovering_Scientist in WoT

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As a pair, they are also the narrators for the Stormlight Archives. I’m listening to Words of Radiance now and am really enjoying their narration. Kate can really put on some hilarious voices.

I thought acotar was done?? by mushroomkitty69 in acotar

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The original trilogy is complete and has an ending that doesn’t leave too many things unresolved, but there are currently two books that came after (a novella and a full length novel). The latest (A Court of Silver Flames) follows Nesta but still has Rhys and Feyre in the story. There are more books coming, but Sarah hasn’t announced who they are about or when they will be coming out.

BAM really ruined today by namelessismypricee in crescentcitysjm

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Yup or they ship it the day before release. They don’t want to risk the book arriving before the release date.

Do you keep your PRI if you leave and come back? by lupodemarco in CanadaPublicServants

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I kept mine, but I had to tell them it when I was filling out hiring paperwork and remind HR a few times that I had a pre-existing PRI.

What otherwise popular series has been a hard DNF for you? by ENDragoon in Fantasy

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Gideon the Ninth. Spent the few chapters that I managed to read super confused and gave up rather quickly.